Marketing mindset


Hi all,

Thinking back to when you first started working as a VA (and likely having been in employment before), what have you all found most difficult about having to do your own marketing and getting into a “marketing mindset”?

I have gained a few referrals and leads through people I have previously worked with but I now also want to approach people I have prospected before. This is perhaps the most difficult aspect of running my own business to me although I am an introvert so it may come much easier to others.

I’m also working on increasing my social media presence but I think the most reliable way to gain the clients that I really love to work with is still a more direct approach.

I’d love to know people’s opinions and tips on how to approach marketing and getting into the right mindset!

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I think loads of VAs struggle with this Julian - in fact, when we did a straw poll @ the VA Conference at ExCel recently in London, most VAs were only following up active leads a couple of times…

My mindset has always been that I can really help people with their businesses, so it’s welcome that I’m telling them they need a VA! It doesn’t necessarily need to be super sales-y either…
So for example:

Generally start with who your target is, where they hang out, what they do, what drives them. This book was recommended to me when I started and I still recommend it to others today:


Thanks for this Caroline. That is definitely the mindset I need to get into. I have a list of prospects whose businesses I am really interested in and I think I would love working with them!

That book looks really interesting, I will read that next.

A shame I couldn’t make this year’s VA Conference, looked like a great event.


Hi Julian,

I found the best way of getting clients is by face to face networking. Now I know this is extremely daunting (especially as you’re an introvert like myself!) but I personally enjoy getting to know someone I’m working although I know as ‘virtual’ we can work with anyone anywhere!


Hi Karen,

I can see the appeal of that. I have already joined my local chamber of commerce and I’m attending events there frequently. I guess the trick is not to spread yourself to thin and be patient!


That’s great Julian. It’s a case of being patient and finding groups that resonate with you. It can be a slow burn but I like the relationship side of things.


Interestingly, a number of self-proclaimed introverts I know are really fantastic social media marketeers. I guess it’s about being able to control the flow of info and not being drained by having to interact in the office all the time.


True, it is definitely easier for me this way than being in an office and interacting with people all day! I knew there would be challenges going into this but I’m loving it so far…