Marketing emails


Hi, Ive just started (only have 2 clients) and wondered about sending about emails to local companies. has anyone done this successfully?

I’ve been thinking about using a template but my partner thinks it will look to much like a ‘sales pitch/advert’ and people will ignore it straight away. Any tips appreciated - thank you


Can be effective but you need to make sure it complies with Data Protection and marketing laws - so you’d need to state why you think they might be interested in your services and make sure your name, physical address and also an unsubscribe option are included in the email.

ICO have good guidance on this -

I get a sign up rate of about 1 in 20 from a cold list which I buy via Marketing File. That’s pretty good, but it only works with pretty consistent follow up!


Hi Caroline, thanks very useful info. I found a good template maker at BeePro which I’ve been playing with. I will check out the ICO link.


Hi low1

Pay attention to your headline for the email! Good headlines equal a better opening rate and if your headline piques interest the potential client is more likely to open it.

There are lots of articles out there to help you. Here are a couple of links-

Good luck with the email campaign!