Making the Jump!


So I have my first client with two more lined up for when I officially launch. The website is being built as we speak, email address is set up (how to I change it on here from the one I used to register please?).

I currently work 4 days a week, looking after my grand children most weeks on the 5th day. Existing job is fairly well paid but too stressful to be good for my health.

I have saved up approx 3 months of my current salary and have already paid for the website new laptop and various bits and bobs. So when to make the jump?

I’m currently at capacity with what I can reasonably fit in around my regular job hours and am working all day on my job have tea then start again well into the evening on the va work. I know I need to hand in my notice and go but find that a daunting prospect.

Did any of you feel the same? I also have some quite big bonus commissions due to me from work which I should get in the next 2 months but won’t be paid if I have left.

Is there ever a right time?


Congratulations Sharon!

I think there isn’t any ‘right’ time to make the jump, and of course some are pushed and do just fine.

Can you reduce the hours at the existing job? Do you have an idea of how much your three clients will bring in and need time wise?

Good luck with making the decision and the launch.


It is a difficult one and I had the same issue. In the end I reduced my hours at my employed position and that made a huge difference.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


Congratulations and it sounds like you are juggling a lot at the moment, so well done with everything you are achieving.

I would say, it will never be a right time - only in that something else will then come up! Also you will end up earning more than you currently earn, you will have more freedom and hopefully less stress.

Good luck with everything.

Ref to changing your original email address I think you would need to go into settings, failing that email SVA direct and ask them to update.



Hi Wendrie, thanks for taking the time to reply, it’s appreciated!

Not possible to reduce my hours at the existing job I don’t think but not sure I would want to either, however I would like to leave in such a way that if they were stuck they could possibly employ me on an ad hoc/self employed basis to help out if they were stuck, if that makes sense?

The first client - an electrician - who is the one I currently work with has increased my hours as since taking me on he’s found he’s able to book in much more work because we’re getting his quotes turned around in a timely manner and invoiced after. So he’s just about doubled my hours at the moment.

The second one is a project so will only be short term.

The third and now possibly a 4th I’m not sure what they need yet.

I reckon I need to fill 25 hours a week to be comfortable and currently the electrician is taking 10 but I expect this to drop to around 5 once we get through his backlog of things.


Thank you! I don’t think it will be an option to reduce my hours in my existing role.


Thanks Keira, love the confidence. The more I think about it the more I am of the same opinion and that I just need to find some balls and go for it so I’ve decided to hand my notice in at the month end.

Big decision, but hopefully I won’t look back.

Re the email address - got it sussed, it was in settings, thanks.