Mailbox Managment


Good morning all

I have a quick question about mailbox management, I’m accumulating quite a number of mailboxes via my outlook desktop, which in turn is starting to slow the app when it’s updating all of the folders.

Does anyone recommend any other source of managing numerous mailboxes - maybe via an online system or such like?

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I have exactly the same issue and haven’t found anything to solve it yet. It is something I am actively looking at. If I find anything, I will be pleased to share.




I have two mailboxes on my outlook and then 3 others that I use via Gmail (which isn’t as clear), but it does keep things speedy and in their place.

Hope this helps.

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I have 6 mailboxes all in Outlook but I don’t really have any problems with them updating but I do clear my emails down regularly and cleanse my inboxes, deleted items etc to make sure i am not sotring unnecessary emails


Hi there! Another option would be to use Outlook Web Mail instead of the Outlook desktop app. :slight_smile:


You can look into Shift (you get 2 emails free on there or more if you pay). Or there are alternatives.