Looking for Associate work


Hi, I am in the throws of setting up and thought maybe if I can do some work as an associate it will build my confidence in myself. I know I am capable, but its those things to learn as a newbie - how to get access to a clients database/emails etc.

If anybody is looking for an associate and wants to know a bit more about me my website is paperclipva.co.uk.

I hope to hear from you soon.



Do you belong to any Facebook VA groups? Lots are mentioned on there :grinning:


Hi Shelley,

You may find associate work here, have you searched under the subjects in the forum? Also like Gloria suggested the VA networks on FB are great too. Also connect with other VA’s and introduce yourself and build relationships, we are all in this together, and you never know how much will come in, so some will have a database as a back up.

Good luck


Hi Shelley

I’m looking at growing my associate contacts, would be great to connect and have a 121 over zoom.

Please feel free to drop me a line heidi.summers@smarpasupport.com. I am also on Linked on.

Heidi (Summers)