Hi everyone, I am just setting up my VA business and am trying to navigate the world of linked in.

I was unsure about the the connection protocol, so did a bit of research and it mainly said dont be worried about connecting with people that you dont know as they could be/lead to a potential customer.

So…a guy sent me a connection request, I checked his profile decided he could be potential business and connected…very quickly after that the block button was pressed as he started to ask personal questions!

I didnt realise Linkedin was a dating site too…

Can anyone advise on a good strategy to connect with the right people??

Thanks Kate


Poor you @kateheather2015…thats terrible and with your first connection too :frowning:

For most, LinkedIn is a professional platform - I’ve seen a number of posts and discussions about it being used as a dating site for some. It’s a controversial LinkedIn subject! I have never actually experienced this myself - only professional contacts (not sure whether to be disappointed or not :rofl:)

Definitely don’t be worried about connecting with people. My direct connection requests are usually to those people I’ve met at face to face networking, events, peers and/or current clients. Also, when I send a request I would usually add a message to the connection request - it just makes it more personal. You can say something about where you met there or why you’re connecting.

I would suggest taking a look around some other profiles (be mindful that people will be notified when you look at their profile but again, don’t let this put you off…have a look at mind if you want :slight_smile:) You may find that you receive some connection requests from those people! Make sure your profile is up to date shows the right thing - especially in the Headline as this is the part people will mainly see.

Be active - until you feel ready to post things yourself yet, take an interest in what other people are posting and build up the confidence to comment on it. I find LinkedIn results come more from being active than direct sales posts.

Finally, be yourself. Being professional doesn’t mean you can’t show people who you are - when you post about something share your genuine thoughts about it. I find I get more of a response from people who can resonate with your view. You will come across a number of posts which are controversial and are often posted to get a reaction…not my thing but it gives them air time and they get noticed.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I am so sorry! I too had never heard of LinkedIn being used in improper ways.

I haven’t quite got my head around LinkedIn though so I can offer no pearls of wisdom, except to follow your school/university as you might get connections through that if you see an Alumni make a comment you are interested in.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your advice, I’m sure I just got unlucky. I will keep connecting and get my message written up. I am following a few hashtags and have actually got a connection that way, so I’m obviously on the right track as per your suggestion. Have a great weekend! :grin:


Tricky one - technically connecting with people you don’t know is against LinkedIn’s service conditions so you won’t get much sympathy from their support team, but it’s still worth telling them.

However, most business people are open to approaches as long as they are professional - there’s not many downsides to increasing your connections.

Now personally my clients don’t spend a lot of time on LinkedIn - it’s not a great ROI for my marketing time, and I’ve tried all different ways of doing it. So I’d maybe measure your time spent vs return for your money. It’s one of those “fall down the rabbit hole” activities. It definitely works for reconnecting with old business colleagues - and that’s a rich source of clients for newbies!