LinkedIn Profile


Hi all,

I was just wondering if any of you use linkedin to market yourselves? I have an account but I’m not sure if I’m making the most of it to gain new clients.

Also, do you think it’s worth having a twitter account? I’m also on facebook and instagram.



Hi Claire

Look at it another way: Where are your potential clients hanging out? Do they use social media? If so what platforms do they prefer?


Hi Caroline,

Thanks for your reply, you’re right. I think I was becoming overly concerned about being on every social networking site, instead of thinking where my potential clients might be! My background is also business and that is the work that I do now as a VA, it seems linkedin and facebook are where I make most of my contacts so I’ll investigate some time into these profiles.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I do have a LinkedIn Profile and got a couple of clients through it. I think it was more because they saw I was working for TimeEtc at the time. Thinking was if I was vetted by them…I must be alright! :slight_smile: