Linkedin New feature Open for Business



I came across details regarding the above which Linkedin are bringing in at some point aimed at small businesses and entreprenuers via post from a contact on Linkedin. I have just discovered further infomation regarding the above. You can register for the above “Open for Business” on your linkedin profile via the link below:

Thought it might be of useful as a reference point.

Many thanks


LinkedIn are doing some very cool new stuff which makes it a super useful business tool!


Thank you, I am looking foward to being able to use it on linkedin at some point.


I had not seen that… thanks!
Speaking of LinkedIn, I have only recently started using it more. There are only few followers to the #SocietyofVirtualAssistants and even fewer to #CollaborationNotCompetition which is a shame.
I have just found the LinkedIn Group that I did not know about so look forward to interacting there too since I am now on the platform every day. I will try to be here more often too as I miss the group.
Thanks for sharing @pjp


TBH we don’t do much promo on LinkedIn - defo something we should do more of!


This looks like a great feature.

I just tried to set it up and stumbled at the first hurdle. The ‘business focus’ tripped me up. I couldn’t find any of their presets that suited a VA and I couldn’t see how to add a custom one.

Has anyone else tried it yet?


I keep meaning to but I always forget. Thanks for this reminder, lol x