LinkedIn - company page and your profile, or just the latter?


Hi all,

I am in the early days of setting myself up as a VA and am only now really starting to use LinkedIn properly. I say “properly” - I’m a novice to it, but am hopefully getting some things right with it :crossed_fingers:

I have set up a Limited company and my company has a page on LinkedIn. I have of course also ensured my profile page etc is up to date etc.

For those of you who use LinkedIn, when you post, do you tend to post both on your company page and your profile page, or just the latter? I’ve been doing the former (company page for company stuff, and profile page for me specific stuff), and then anything I put on the company page I also share on my profile too. I also ensure I’ve been commenting, liking etc too. However, a good number of posts and people I’ve seen lately generally do it all under their name, and then their company page is largely blank, perhaps used purely for contacting, to add to evidence of it existing etc.

I just wondered what people on here who use LinkedIn tend to do. Maybe there’s no right or wrong answer, but I thought worth asking.

Thank you.


Interestingly there was a session on LinkedIn @ the VA Conference yesterday - and one of the takeaways from it was to have a company page, but to focus on your personal profile, don’t bother with updates on the company page too much.


Thanks Caroline. I was unable to make yesterday sadly but the LI talk was one I was really keen on hearing.

I’d come to that conclusion since my post and looking at what others are doing, so fab news I wasn’t totally wrong there. Thanks for the response - I’ll put in to play.


I use both but I always schedule relevant posts in advance on a weekly basis, so if something is not applicable to the business page I just don’t schedule that particular post.


Thank you Maureen and apologies for the delayed acknowledgment. I need to figure out the scheduling in advance of posts…