LinkedIn Challenge


I get most of my Trainer contracts from LinkedIn, so it works for that :slight_smile:


Imogen, were you at the conference?


Okay - so one of my takeaways from #VACollab16 was that I’m missing out hugely by not using LinkedIn as a marketing vehicle. I’m a bit skeptical about it, but the speaker Nicola Little of Sparkle Communications is evangelical about it and has convinced me it’s worth a second look.

So the plan is to do 1 month, 1 minutes a day, and track the results… You’re all welcome to join in!

ANGELA: That was me posting - the forum is screwier than normal this week…


Ah makes sense now!!

I have definitely been more active on LI since Saturday


I have never used LinkedIn before, but I think I 'll give it a go and join in the challenge with you Caroline :slight_smile:


Well it’s very much an experiment, so I’ll be learning alongside you!!!

One of my big learnings is that I think I’m going to have to split up my list somehow to refocus it just onto selling the VA services rather than doing SVA stuff on there…


So it’s not going particularly well - I’ve still not bitten the bullet and made a decision about disconnecting from the VAs on my list and concentrating on clients…

I’ve also missed a few days due to general work/life craziness… (Grandma who usually helps with childcare is on holiday for the next month - ARGGGHHH!!!)

How is everyone else doing???


I have to admit, it’s not going terribly well from an active “I’m doing stuff” point of view. You can’t group email any more via the tags, you can’t even add contacts to groups, you may/may not reach someone when you post an update…

A bit duff. Still: I may be proved very wrong when I review the webstats of people clicking through - so watch this space!


I was watching this with interest Caroline as I too don’t use LI the way I think I should. I have actually contacted a local girl to see what she can offer in the way of training and how to use it effectively.

All I ever seem to see are people posting blogs/articles that have been uploaded from other people - hardly a networking tool - all you are doing is promoting someone else’s comments.

She runs a 3 hour course and the next one should be coming up in July - I will let you all know how I get on if I participate in it.


Okay so the final results are in… My LinkedIn challenge has resulted in pretty much zero effect on our website hits.

It has given me a few interesting collaborations, but I’m still not convinced it’s where my target hangs out… And the results bear that out:

4% coming from LinkedIn for my own website
and less than 3% for SVA


I’m on LinkedIn and it’s nice to be in touch with others and occasionally see what they’re up to. I think the recommendation facility is good but the endorsement thing is just silly - I’ve had people endorse me for things I don’t do! I did a course on LI a few years ago which kick-started me into sorting out my profile and being more active on it. I consider it ‘drip drip marketing’ for me - just letting people know what I do and occasionally reminding them, similarly to Facebook. I hardly ever post on LI though.

I don’t think anything really beats going the extra mile for clients and getting referrals as a result!


Thought I’d share this because it amused the heck out of me this morning…

So the LinkedIn challenge for me didn’t really do very much - I did post a few articles, I definitely spoke to more people and had more meetings, but really the net effect was no extra business. As I suspected, my target market is time poor and not spending time hanging out on LinkedIn.

However because I wanted to give it a fair go, I did all the updates to the profile that were suggested. So imagine my shock when on a routine search up pops that my profile is in the Top 25 LinkedIn profiles including the name “Caroline” in the UK! Blooming heck, Caroline is not really that unusual a name, so I reckon that’s a pretty good result.

And it also shows that if my profile is pretty good, are people really getting as much work as they claim from LinkedIn? Or does it simply boil down to whether or not your particular target market are likely to buy via LinkedIn?


I’ve had a LinkedIn profile since I set up in business in 2004, and I have never had any work from it. What I do think people use it for is to check your ‘presence’, eg, someone hears about Carole Meyrick and searches LinkedIn to find out more as well as visiting the website.

So I don’t waste time posting things that nobody reads!


I think it comes down to if your target group like to hang out and buy from LinkedIn. I’ve had people tell me they’ve looked at my profile there and on my website before ringing ‘to see who I’m calling’.

I’ve not had work directly occur due to a LinkedIn post.

In fact for Quakers & Business (a charity I volunteer with/for) we’ve found the interaction in our group to be diminishing. When we asked why the results were ‘too many places wanting interaction’. With people enjoying knowing we’re there to ask questions of but not wanting/needing daily/regular interaction.


That’s quite interesting Wendrie - funnily enough I was finding loads of Facebook groups asking for interaction recently and it’s quite intrusive sometimes…

So for example, you’ll get the group owner asking you for input on a product or service they’ve created and then getting annoyed when no one responds. Or say a group asking for Friday funnies where really you’ve only signed up to get business content. It does put people off sometimes.


I’ve tried quite hard to keep FB for personal and LinkedIn for work. Although I do have an MBS page and post bits there - mainly from my website, and its currently inactive blog. I find people comment on the FB page rather than the blog post, but go to the MBS blog to ask questions rather than the FB page.

The FB business groups I’m on have been varied - one has had lots of business owners at different stages in setting up/running, which is interesting to see the differences between people’s choices.

I’ve cut down a lot - remembering the pertinent business time management query, “Are you busy or productive?”.