Hey lovelies. So I want going to use leaflets to advertise as I normally use HubSpot or Mailchimp however I received a very good promotional offer and so have ordered 450. Wondering what your experience of leaflet drops has been? My target audience is the small business 1 man 2 man ones that need help.

Wondering whether to drop round businesses or the more localised streets. The regus buildings and other rented office space places. Any thoughts / guidance / experience points very welcome

M x


That should say WASNT going to use leaflets! Doh!


Hmm… I think the issue with serviced offices is, they have a vested interest in NOT letting you distribute these, as they often offer VA services themselves!

The other way of distribution is via post and you can get a list of targeted businesses from a list broker, but it’s quite an expensive way of doing it. You might see if your local coffee shops or meeting places would keep a stack of them? Or perhaps if you know a certain area has a lot of high net worth individuals, you might see if their local newsagent would insert into newspapers delivered (but that’s quite a niche thing these days!).


Fab point about the services offices, chief! Ok, will rethink.

Leaflets are not my thing normally, I just happened to be offered 450 professional free colour tri-folds for a fiver through a friend of a friend type thing for a returned favour so meh, its only a fiver.


I would keep them with you if you go networking. Sometimes a leaflet or flyer may remind the person you spoke to who you were and what you do (if that makes sense). They definitely have more info than a business card! x


Listen for that cheap, go for it!

I’d keep the info quite generic - don’t put dates or specific services on there if you aren’t sure that’s what you will continue to offer. People do hang onto them, we once had someone come in brandishing a leaflet we’d given out 3 years previously at a New Start Business show!


wow someone held on to it for 3 years!! That’s brilliant! x