Launching soon


Hi, My name is Emmanuelle and I am finishing the process of setting up my VA Business offering traditional PA/EA services as well as transcription, based in London. My Website will go live in the next week or 2, and I have booked a few networking events, which I am a bit nervous about.
I expect it will take a while to get enough clients to make a living, so I am looking at working as an associate VA for a while. If you are a busy VA needing assistance, you know where to find me!


Good Luck Emmanuelle!

My top tip for transcription VAs is to use the pro version of Express Scribe - it really is a lot better than most of the other ones out there and works with most types of file.

Remember everyone @ the networking events is all in the same boat, so they tend to be friendly and interested in what you do. Let us know how it goes?


Very best of luck Emmanuelle. I’m in the same boat as you are re newly setting up and am also nervous about the networking events, but the more I look in to what kind of things I’ll be going, and who else tends to go to them, the more relaxed I am slowly becoming. I hope 2019 is a successful year for you