Hi all,

A client is proposing to move from Sage to Kashflow. I know a few of you or your clients use this and wondered whether anyone has had any problems with it? Always useful to know of glitches beforehand!!

I feel slightly nervous of them because there are some typos and layout errors on their site which just makes me uneasy. If they are that slack over their shop window, just how robust are their internal systems and coding.

Anyway, any feedback on this software would be greatly appreciated. Ta.


Hi Sally

I have used Kashflow for about 2years now and have had no problems with it. It is easy to brand and use, invoices can be set up to go out automatically, there is a quick guide to help, PayPal can be integrated with it (at a monthly subscription charge) and the email support is good. Duane is also on Twitter, so if there are any problems you can tweet him and he’ll sort them out.

I also use it with a number of my clients and you can log into their accounts whilst logged in your own.

There is a two month free trial and if I’m cheeky, can send you to the sign up page via my affiliate link kashflow.com/?code=AFF2101281.



Thanks for that Dawn. It’s always good to hear from real users, not the sales pitch.

Not sure if I will be able to use the link. Client has a tendency to go off half-cocked. Currently only considering it but next time I talk to him he may well have gone off and signed up. Oh the joys!!



I agree with Dawn although i’ve only been using it since August I really like it now.

Previously used Microsoft Office Accounting which I loved and was hard to leave but am now very happy with Kashflow.

Kind regards


Yup - I too can vote for their excellent customer support, truly brill! I once sent an email about 8pm on a Saturday night and got a response within the hour - which probably means that they’re as sad as I am working on a Saturday night!! LOL!

They were also offering SVA members a free license a little while ago to use in their own business so if you want to switch yourself, it’s a good time to ask!! It was a one-off but never hurts to ask after the fact.



I’m trying to bring cost of set up down as was wondering how important it is to have Kashflow, it does sound very interesting and my start up has taken longer then I thought so I have now used my trial 30 days, even though I didn’t actually use it. Would it be worth me saving the £15 a month and using excel to record, google check out to take payments and word to send out invoices or will it save me lots of time and link up my tax, records, invoices etc. Thoughts please…


I would say if you are at the very early stage of your business and there is not much income/expenses to record, use a spreadsheet or try one of the free accounting packages for the moment (Google free accounting software0.

It isn’t worth spending £18.00 a month on accounting software if there isn’t any money coming in. You can do your self-assessment from a spreadsheet if it is set up correctly. The accounting software only comes into its own when things get more complicated.



Thank you Dawn, I just keep reading all the features on the site and thinking, wow that would help, but voice of reason you are right I don’t want to be out of pocket! I will have a look at these free systems you mentioned. If anyone else know any good ones please let me know!


Another new feature that has come into use with Kashflow is the ability to set your customers up with direct debits. Easy to put in place, you set a maximum amount each month for their invoices (or they can click the pay online button on the invoice if a one off) and email them the direct debit form. Each month then when you send an invoice, you can take the payment from Kashflow, it will update your bank account within the system and email the client that the payment has been made. It has a transaction fee of 1% up to a maximum of £2.00 per transaction. I currently pay anything from £2.50 - £15.00 per transaction with Google Checkout for one client. Also means no more waiting for cheques to arrive, and send to bank, waiting 5 days for them to porcess.

Have just emailed one client to set up and she loves it. She has just signed up with two accounts I have for her (she runs two businesses which pay me separately).

See the blog here: kashflow.com/blog/simple-and … ocardless/



I’ve been using it - it’s ace! Especially when the alternative DD set ups involve credit checks and masses of paperwork. I’m all for making it easy for people to pay me…