Just for fun... Most common perception of being a VA


Most people when they hear what I do laugh and say “Ah so you’re not really here then?” (oh haha - pick me off the floor please!)

What do you come across in terms of perception of using a VA or being a VA?

One I’ve bumped into occasionally is that having is somehow inferior to having a person working for you “properly”… I can see how clients move onto needing a full time employee but it is often not a good reason to get rid of the VA as it’s super unusual to find all of our skills in one person - or at least a person with enough time to be able to do it all for you at reasonable cost!

I’m fairly sure our local coffee shop think I’m a SAHM and Craig is a drug dealer or something… Given that we spend loads of time in there and never wear anything approaching business attire but are permanently attached to our smartphones!!!

We’ve battled for some years with the assumption that we’ll be in to sign for everyone’s Amazon packages…
Anyone else?!


Luckily I live in a road of bungalows with retired or semi retired neighbours, so parcels have never been an issue, but neighbours who don’t see many folk can be a pain, calling round unannounced for a coffee and chat when you are trying to work!

At business meetings I feel you do have to spell out how you can support their business, even those with staff. Otherwise they don’t understand that you are more than a typist, and can’t understand how you can help them fully (how can you help, you can’t do my filing if you work from home!)

I went to a startup group in Norfolk for PA and VA’s, which never met again unfortunately. During the conversations at our table, I realised I do have a diverse skillset; many had not organised the group top salesmen achiever overseas annual holiday or managed sales men’s new business commission… Or dealt with top secret acquisition work, dealing with contracts and legalities… I have also worked in stockbroking, finance, legal and engineering environments -I guess it all comes with experience :blush: it is hard getting that understanding out there to potential clients, it’s all about communication I guess!


Most of the VAs I know aren’t “just” assistants… They’ve done all sorts!