Join our Team of Call Handlers


Call Team is young, dynamic company who are always on the lookout for additional enthusiastic and friendly VAs to join our growing team of Call Handlers on a self employed basis.

Our team is made up of VAs who answer calls on a shift basis, around clients, work/home commitments and school/nursery runs and this works well. You should ensure that you have no small children, dogs, washing machines etc in the background of any shift that you are undertaking.

We require you to be professional and therefore no background noises of this nature will be tolerated. You will need to have a good telephone manner. Not all calls are message taking and therefore being able to use your initiative and multitask is a must.

Please note that you will work on a shift rota on a weekly basis based on times that you have advised you would be available to undertake a shift. You will not be guaranteed a set income as this depends on how many calls you receive during your shift(s). You will be paid on a per call basis via invoice raised by you on the last working day of each month and paid within 14 days.

If you are interested in joining our team or wish more information please email me/send me a DM, detailing your weekly availability for shifts.


We are again looking for call handlers to join our team… if you are interested in earning additional revenue and being able to provide a further service to your client’s then please do get in touch by email to detailing your availability each week for shifts.

Shifts are Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm and suit you so after school run / client projects etc.


Hi Lindsay

I have sent you an email in regards to this opportunity and look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


Lynds is on maternity leave at the moment Michelle, but I think her emails are being picked up or there’s an autoresponder there!


Thanks Caroline. I received her autoresponder and forwarded my email to the address in the notification :slight_smile:


Is there any current opportunity for this role? I have over 10 years telephony experience. I am very confident, reliable and flexible.



Hi Sophie, I’ll answer this one for you. Lyndsey sold the business a while ago, and no longer has anything to do with Call Team which is now run by Heidi Fuller.


Think they still regularly recruit though - worth contacting Heidi!