I've made the leap!


Good morning all, I just wanted to come on here and share the news that I have finally (after a lot of procrastinating) made the leap, handed in my notice with my employer and am on my way to being a full-time VA! I have been a VA already for about a year doing this alongside my employed role but felt now was the time to go for it. If I don’t do it now I never will!

Any tips or advice/words of encouragement greatly received! :grinning:

Many thanks, Louisa


Hi Louisa,

Keep going (don’t give up if sometimes things don’t go your way) and believe in yourself! They are the two things I would say to you.

All the very best of luck,



Hi Louisa,

Congrats on making the leap! How are you feeling about it? My advice would be to think outside the box in terms of how to attract and keep clients and just try a variety of things to see what works for you and your business. Also, I’m sure you already do it but look at how you can ensure you retain the clients you already have and deliver a kickass experience. There’s a lot of talk about how to get clients but not always how to keep them!

All the best :slight_smile:



Hi Liam, I completely agree, thank you :grinning:


Hi Hannah, I am feeling extremely excited and also quite empowered. Empowered because I am now my own boss/master of my own destiny if you like (sounds a bit cheesy but you know what I mean).

And yes, it’s so true to also focus on keeping the clients you have. Social media is full of posts talking about how to get clients, but keeping the ones you have is just as important.



Empowering is exactly the word I use when people ask what it’s like running your own business! Sums is up perfectly :slight_smile:


Hi Louisa,

How are you getting on?

Exciting times ahead for you.



Hi Amanda

Yes, so far so good, I’m really enjoying it.

I hope you are well.

Regards, Louisa