I've finally applied for SVA Status!🎉


Can you believe the VA Conference was almost two months ago?! … and even more surprising, it has been that long since I properly logged in!

I just wanted to say that I am so happy to have finally applied for SVA registered status having finished all my legal documents (way too long, as usual, but I wanted them to be as comprehensive as possible) :partying_face:

Lots going on personally, and professionally, but I feel I am finally turning a corner.

Thanks to you all for your support … knowing you were there if I needed a hand was such a relief to me.

All the best,

Anna :blush:


Woohoo!! Well done Anna.

I’m the same as you - haven’t been on here for a while as life has been chaotic, in a good way mind.

Hope all is well.


This year seems to be flying through - I suddenly realised this week that my OIVAC presentation is due!! (Been buried under a big web project for a client the last few weeks…)


@caroline Sounds fascinating :slight_smile:

Do you know if you can access the OIVAC presentations after the fact if you register? I knew I would be snowed under this week so I didn’t sign up but someone mentioned that Facebook Live can sometimes be “recorded” and made available after the event. Do you know?



Yes - I’ve been told they’ll be available for a week afterwards.