It's finished! My new office is live


Those of you that have seen my previous posts will know I have been working on my new cabin.

I am in, Internet connected and LOVE it!


Well done - it looks great!


I particularly like the mini office for small helpers… My office is barricaded into a cupboard, which has advantages, but they would both like more access to me (without being able to reach any buttons which are critical!!!)


What a fantastic work space. Looks amazing!


He has been used to me working in the house in our sunroom which is his playroom, I want to limit the amount of toys that end up out here though! I have a small underbed storage box under the sofa and his farm. I also have a Roku stick in the TV which gets Prime, Now TV and Netflix too, perfect for my downtime as well :slight_smile:


Wow! That’s impressive! Looks great, well done - enjoy the space!


Thank you. Enjoying it already, I was working out there for the first time today