Hi everyone! My name is Jackie and I’m based in Luton. Although I’m at the beginning of my VA journey I’ve worked as an Exec Assistant for over 20 years of which the last 2 years have been spent working remotely for an Accounting company. As I’ve only just set up my VA business, I’m so pleased to have such a supportive resource as the SVA forum to refer to.

So far, I’ve built my website, set up my LinkedIn and Facebook business accounts, ordered my business cards and I’ve joined a local Chamber of Commerce to start networking.

Using the SVA facebook and twitter links I’m learning new things all the time about the VA business and being my own boss and I’m looking forward to participating in the group and learning more. Any advice you can offer to a newbie will be gratefully received.


Hi Jackie

Welcome to SVA - hopefully your previous experience of working virtually will stand you in good stead, but it can be a little different to actually be running your business as opposed to being an employee, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

There’s lots of useful on the main site, especially in the Marketing section!