Introduction - PLEASE READ FIRST


Hi all,

I also do things for the church - though all voluntary… I’d love to get some paid stuff out of one!

I’m currently working with the Episcopal Church of South Sudan so my time is split between the heat and cold of the UK! I fit my VA / OBM work around things here in Juba - that’s the great but about being your own boss, you can work the hours you choose!

Happy to connect with anyone on LinkedIn, you’ll find me


Hi Kate
Great to know about you and your business - and your links with church work. I’ve sent you a LinkedIn message.


Hello everyone!

My name is Anna and I live in Oxfordshire. I’ve recently set up my virtual PA business - website, FB, Linkedin all up and running now… I’m just looking into marketing options/networking groups etc.

I feel lucky as I have a perm PA job - I’ve been PA’ing for 20 years (mainly local government and NHS). Along with that the plan is to get my PA business up and running - there’s no urgency so I can do this slowly and carefully :pray: I say that, but I am really looking forward to working with my first client as soon as possible ! :rainbow:

Looking forward to chatting with you all and getting even more guidance and tips :slight_smile:

This Forum is amazing and I am learning a lot from everyone’s input and helpful replies.

Exciting times ahead x



My name is Antonella and I started my VA biz last October. I am originally Italian but based in London.

I do have a website still, as a new VA I feel there is a lot to learn, a lot to take in plus I have to constantly catch up with all the software updates that occur every month lol. So far it’s a beautiful and exciting journey though.

I’m am happy to be part of this community. Good luck to everyone!

Thank you,



Hey everyone!

I’ve been a member of SVA for a while but thought it was about time I introduced myself rather than just reading through Forum comments! I’m Sarah - I own SB Virtual Assistant Services based by the sea in Somerset, UK!

I’ve been in the virtual space for 4 months now! My business has grown at a rapid speed and at the end of march this year, I took my business full time!

I help a range of people in unique industries, although my passion is helping entrepreneurs and small business owners (in their first year)! I call myself the Small Business Wing Woman for this very reason - I’m a huge supporter and cheerleader of small business owners - we’re the bomb!

If you’re local to me, I’d love to hear from you!

SB Virtual Assistant Services


Hello fellow VAs!

I’m a new VA, I established Wyvern-VA in October 2020, would love to pick brains and find information on how to develop further. I have 2 clients on retainer and have other on and off since starting out. I shall be going deeper into the forum and SVA to see where I can fit in :smile: