Introduction - PLEASE READ FIRST


Oh I think I would have loved that freedom as a new grad! Look up “digital nomads” - they have some great tips!



I’m Catherine from Neath, South Wales. Fairly new to the VA world. I already have one client and another potential client. I’m a company director for a countryside management company and I currently run a dog walking business alongside the VA work. I’m also studying AAT level 3 so things are a little hectic at the moment with my three boys off school! It definitely sounds worse written down haha.
I’m going to focus on business and finance admin with bookkeeping added after my next two exams. I’m trying to finish my website and get my social media set up around my current workload and studying. I’ve found the society website really helpful and I’m looking forward to embracing the VA world!
I think that collaboration is so important and I would definitely be up for some virtual or social distancing coffees to share ideas and general VA chat.

Speak soon,



Hi, my name is Mark. I’ve been working as a freelance safety and environmental manager / adviser for nearly ten years, trading as Summit Safety and Environmental Limited. I wanted to find a way to adopt the ‘new normal’ in providing my services, but also wanted to support startup and pandemic affected businesses in the East Midlands.
I came up with the idea of a virtual safety adviser as a cost effective way to deliver services. I realised that I have other skills which I know have been popular in the past and wondered if I could adopt the virtual advisor framework to deliver things like GIS mapping, CAD drawings and technical authoring / copywriting. I’m hoping it works because in the physical world I have frequently been asked for these services in support of consultancies preparing planning applications and environmental impact assessments. I’ll let you know what happens!


Hi all, great to be part of this group, thank you for allowing me!

A brief intro… Following recent redundancy, and with ‘many’ years working for large corporates and SMEs, I decided it was time to share my expertise!

Pink Pineapple Virtual Assistant and Marketing Specialist has been live for around 2 months now. It’s a little daunting and scary at times, but I’m doing what I love and meeting some great people along the way. I’ve had a couple of one-off Clients so far which has convinced me I’ve done the right thing by going solo, it’s just a little quiet!

So I’m keeping busy by learning new and building on existing skills, getting the word out there and, of course, building up my network.

In many ways I’m still finding my feet and am really excited to be joining the group, not just to help grow my business but to help develop myself too.

Looking forward to getting to know you all soon ! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, I am Lee (Langham Virtual Assistant),

Over 18 years’ experience within the hospitality industry specialising in Reception, Reservations and Revenue Management.

I am extremely organised and have excellent IT skills. I am a hardworking team player, with a high level of commitment and enthusiasm, especially towards my professional development.

During my time working in fast-paced customer service environments, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and skills which have enabled me to take the plunge and start my own virtual assistant business.

Now & Future
I started Langham Virtual Assistant as I want to use the skills and knowledge I have to support smaller businesses where they have a skills gap! Blah Blah, you know the rest already. LOL

I am looking to provide support for General Admin, Website, Remote IT and Recruitment Support. I am also looking into what else I can do with my background in hotels, like out of hours call handling?

Fun Facts
I love admin & building websites! #Geeklife

I am also a Mental Health First Aider, I am always open to having a chat with someone that needs it. I think everyone in the workplace should worry less about a deadline and give someone an ear when they need it. What is a deadline vs someone’s life?

I have 2 dogs, 1 cat, marine fish ( I have crabs :)) and a turtle.

Social Channels


Great to hear of another VA from the hospitality trade. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi everyone I’m Sarah. I’m just coming to the end of maternity leave and having my son has made me make the decision that I would much rather work for myself so I can be around for my son as much as possible! I’m in the midst of a business plan, have decided on my target market which includes SMEs and land owners, freelancers (although I won’t be targeting them until things have picked up post covid), tradesmen and the third sector as these are the areas I know best. I’ve just come up with a name and will be applying for some funding to get myself tech’d out ready to go in the new year. Looking forward to getting lots of tips from the more experienced VAs out there!


Hi everyone! I’m Lindsey and fairly new to SVA. I’ve been working as a VA for 2 years now and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have a marketing communications, event management and EA background. At the moment I am supporting one client with their online rare disease festival which is very interesting and exciting.

I’ve been enjoying reading the articles and tips from SVA and have made myself a list of the top key things required such as website, professional email address etc. I’m working my way through them [I’ve just had a logo designed] and hopefully can complete them all early next year. I’ve decided this year is the year to invest time in my own business!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Kerry Jane from Manchester and I’ve worked as a VA for over a decade. I took VR from my job in the financial sector back in 2007 to give me more flexibility to be a mother creating my VA business shortly afterwards to support family and friends with their small businesses. I feel now is the time to cast my net further and increase my client base thus creating my website a few months ago:

At this moment in time I am focusing on offering social media management and administration support. Currently in the process of studying AAT, once qualified I will then do some heavy marketing to target businesses looking for a bookkeeper. This is where I feel I am strongest, maybe it is due to my background in finance.

I have ‘lurked’ on here for a while and must say, the information has been very valuable for me looking to grow my business. I have purchased products from Koffee Klatch and read advice on here from other VA’s. It’s wonderful to have a friendly hub full of other VA’s.

Happy Wednesday



Hello everyone,

I’m Beverley, of Harlequin B Virtual Services. I started out on my VA journey during the first lockdown in June, and my niche is working with small architectural practices, as I have around 15 years experience in full time roles doing everything except drawing.

I’m really happy to be here, and so glad to have found the SVA and all its wonderful resources, they have really helped me on my journey so far.

I look forward to learning much more and connecting with you.

Thanks for welcoming me here



Hi, I’m Sarah, I work part-time as an administrator for a church and as deanery secretary for the Diocese of Chelmsford. I thought about becoming a VA for some time and had intended to launch my business (along side my part-time job) in January. However, another church needed someone to build a website for them so I got my first client in November before I was really ready! It was a little overwhelming at first but gave me the push I needed to start up, though I still need to sort a few things out. The biggest challenges for me (as for most others) will be networking and finding new clients.



Weirdly there are quite a few VAs who have church/religious niches. @janet @Wendrie @CurlewSS I think all have various clients in that arena…


Welcome. Are you a WordPress pro? I also find networking a challenge, I have not done any face to face or video yet. I am really nervous about it. I have had an invite this week for one and I have not responded yet. LOL Maybe we should arrange our own little networking group to introduce each other in a “safe space” and speak about what we do. Would be good for making associates too.


That’s cool :grinning:


I don’t have any experience in WordPress, I use Wix. I like it because it is easy for my clients (mainly volunteers) to use. That’s not a bad idea! :smiley:


Hi Sarah,

I have a few church based clients (and grew up in the Methodist Church with my Dad being a Minister), including Brampton Deanery and Churches Together in Cumbria, and various mission communities. I also build WP sites. It would be lovely to connect, and do give me a shout if you have any questions about VAdom :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi Sarah

Thanks to Caroline for the introduction. (I haven’t been on the forum for a while and my non-business address came up on the link so I’ve just changed it.) I was very pleased to hear about you and your business (and also to know a bit more about Gwen’s - I remember meeting her the last time I was at the VA Conference a couple of years ago). I’d be delighted to be in touch and will send LinkedIn connection invites to you both if that’s OK. Here’s my website and do email me - it would be great to have a chat sometime.


Hi Gwen, thank you for reaching out, I’d love to connect. I’ve sent you a LinkedIn request.


Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn, Janet. Speak to you soon!


Thanks for the introduction Caroline!

Janet & Gwen - I’ve reached out to you.

Sarah - it would be good to connect,