Introduction - PLEASE READ FIRST


Hello everyone,

Excited to be joining. I heard about this though a facebook group.

I’ve been a virtual assistant for a few years and although I do many things, I specialise In pInterest - account creation or daily pinning mostly.

I’m based in Cambridgeshire UK. Looking forward to getting to know everyone.


Hi fellow VAs,

I started my business a few weeks ago and my website has now gone live. I have been a PA/Administrator for 20+ years and wanted that work-life balance. I also work full time until the business gets off the ground and plan to eventually give up my ‘normal’ job. Had a few technical issues at the start but after de-frazzling my brain, the website looks pretty good, not sure if I am allowed to add it on here so I won’t, better to be safe!

I have added myself to LinkedIn and advertising in a local magazine, but looking for suggestions. I was thinking about getting some flyers printed and handing to local businesses and sticking them in shops so any helpful hints welcome. No clients as yet but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Looking forward to chatting to the VA community.



Hi, I’m Candice and I’m based in the West Midlands. I support property and construction businesses with their administration. My business is Virr-tual Assistance. I look forward to learning more about you all!


Hello everyone my name is Anne and I am excited to be part of this group. I set up my VA business in February 2020, so relatively new. I still work part time as an accountant but would love to eventually make my VA business my full time role.
I am based in Shetland, and have experience in many industries from construction, restaurant management, museum management and now accounting. I plan to offer quite general services to begin with and then hopefully find my niche. I love poking about with anything technology based so I am thinking I may be heading in that direction. But time will tell.
Things are quite quiet just now so I am taking the time to build my website, manage my social media and just learn what I can.
I am looking forward to learning more from everyone here too.


Good Afternoon everyone. My name is Emma and I am based in Cheshire. I’m currently looking to set-up a VA business. I’m in the very early stages and a little overwhelmed by all the information available. I have a meeting with Peopleplus on Monday who can put me through the New Enterprise Allowance scheme, which should give me a little bit of clarity.

As I’m currently unemployed (I left my job just before lockdown), I need to be able to set-up fairly quickly, but with the current climate I doubt that is going to happen! I am therefore considering getting a part-time job until I can get in sufficient business.


Well don’t be too hasty - VAs traditionally recover really fast from recessions and particularly since everyone is going to be working online more, you may be brilliantly placed to take advantage!


Many Thanks Caroline. What are your thoughts on having a part-time job whilst setting up? I thought it may supplement my income whilst trying to market myself. Once I feel I have sufficient business I could then leave my part-time job.

As I am a qualified accountant but always dealt with insolvencies or large corporates, so going to invest in some book-keeping courses too.


It’s a good idea, but you might not need it! (Depending on personal circumstances obviously)

When I set up some 15 years ago, I had a part-time job with my old company because whilst the business ran full-time, being single my cashflow wasn’t predictable enough to pay for that staff cover and my personal expenses. It all turned out brilliantly and I left about a year or so later (but my boss managed to replace me with a full-time member of staff so he was happy!) and actually they continued to use me as a VA for ad hoc things.

Amusingly, I am NOT a morning person, and despite knowing that I don’t function till the third cuppa or so sometime around 10ish, my boss let me work mornings… but it did mean I was up and out in the morning and the whole afternoon got spent on my business. I liked the structure that it gave.

There’s pros and cons - it’s hard work doing both jobs, and invariably one will always gazump the other. It was frustrating to not be able to fully commit to one or the other - my full-time job did just get stuffed into part-time (which didn’t particularly bother me, but it might bother some people).


Hi everyone,

My name is Estella and I’m based in Kent. I’m in the process of setting up my VA business while I’m working full time. I have over 13 years experience in administrative and PA work and have worked in a few industries, such as medical, educational and the hotel. I am and hoping that my niche will either be medical consultants, GP’s and companies within that sphere or one of my services that I offer. I’m looking forward to learning from everyone and to contributing as well to this forum.


Hi everyone, I’m Shelley and I’m very happy to be here. I launched my business Virtual Butterfly last week so it’s all very new. Social media accounts are up and running and getting a decent following. I know how the more scary part of finding clients which is more difficult then I thought but I have a network in LinkedIn of 1800 so hoping to make the most of that! Any help on finding business on LinkedIn would be appreciated!
Thanks all and stay safe xx


Hi Shelley,
I’m happy to connect on LI if you like, which will help with both of us being seen by more people.
I know we can’t network face-to-face at the moment but there are a lot of networking groups online so that may be worth you visiting a few.
Stay safe xx


Thanks Karen great idea. I’ve just sent you a connection request. X


Great, I’ve just accepted!
A word of advice though, if you don’t mind, I suggest putting a proper clear photo of yourself on your profile as according to social media, people tend to prefer to connect with connections with photos.
If you’re happy with it and it’s working for you though, don’t take any notice of me! Lol! xx


Hi everyone! My name is Annabel and I’m based in London. I’m a total newbie having decided to take the plunge a few weeks ago. I’m amazed at the amount of information available and I’m very thankful that communities like this exist! It makes it all feel a little less daunting. I’ve just finished perfecting my website. Now to focus on my niche and marketing strategy to get that all-important first client (gulp). I look forward to getting to know everyone and learning from the community. Thanks, Annabel


Hi there,

Lovely to meet you all! I’m Lucy, a VA based in Leeds. I’ve been doing this kind of work for years as a production coordinator in the TV and audio industry and since having a baby last year it has dawned on me that the work I do is essentially the same stuff that a VA does. So now I’m making it a more formal thing. I’m looking forward to getting cracking and meeting you all.

Lucy x


Hi, Im Karen and am from Merseyside UK. I have only just started my VA business and am struggling to find clients. I have set up a Facebook page, updated my LinkedIn page and created a website. I have over 30 years secretarial business, so not a newbie to that. Would really like any tips on finding clients


Sorry Karen I have only seen this message, apologies! Oh I know you are absolutely right about the profile pic so thanks for the advice - I don’t really do photos and LinkedIn has been a huge part of my career for the last 12 years and I have a lot of connections so I wanted to change my profile to something different and something that would stand out! I will go back to a pic of me… eventually! X


Hi fellow VAs

I just launched my VA business today (1 July 2020) after voluntarily leaving a permanent job that wasn’t a great fit for me, mentally. In hindsight, had I known that COVID was going to hit, I’d probably have stayed on a few more months versus handing my notice in at the end of Jan 2020.

Regardless - it’s new chance for a new start and I spent the last few months furiously working on the website (to save some cash) and taking as many tips and I could from Caroline’s site here (including insurance from PolicyBee).

I’m nervously excited about the new opportunities and hope to make this work using my network, LinkedIn and FB pages by applying (soon to acquire) marketing skills and, of course, repeat business.

How has business been for established VAs during COVID? I was thinking that sales would be up, given a large chunk of people are furloughed and companies still need the work done? What are your thoughts?

Many thanks


Hi all!

My names Izzy and I’m from Bath! I’m a complete newbie to the VA world! I’m naturally an extremely organised and structured person and have been helping friends and family with VA style jobs for years. As I’ve just graduated from uni and I’m expecting to move around quite a lot my dad suggested this might be a good career option for me and after some research, I fell in love with the idea! I’m excited to learn more from all you lovely people and have already learnt so much from the societies website. Currently working through my todo list to set up the business correctly and learn some tricks of the trade before starting the search for clients!

Izzy xx


It has been quiet - I suspect most businesses have put admin staff on furlough and are awaiting what happens once stuff opens back up… If it’s slow, we’d expect to see VA work pick up around Feb 2021 (counting the redundancy period, and allowing for time for the admin to pile up… If we see a v-shaped “bounce” in the economy, we may get more work from people who have realised stuff can be done remotely.

Generally being a VA is pretty recession proof, but there needs to be work happening for the cash to flow!