Introduction - PLEASE READ FIRST


Not on there myself but I know they used to have a habit of adding people onto the platform who hadn’t asked to be featured… So the info might not be 100% accurate.


They added me, they had me as an accountant… I’m not!
I’ve since edited the preferences, they don’t have a VA specific section but they have many tasks that could be relevant.
I’ve not checked it out properly as you have to pay (£80) for a bundle of credits, you then use these to reply. Each listing uses a different amount of credits, on average, you only get 8 - 10 replies for the £80… You’re not even exclusively contacting that lead, you’re paying to throw your hat in the ring to be considered. I’m a little cynical but it’s working very well for my partner who’s an electrician. It also boosts his and my website rankings.


Hi Everyone!

I am new to the community and really looking forward to being an active member. I set up my VA Business earlier this year, following the arrival of my first child and my deep seated desire to work for myself! Turns out having a baby is good for the brain cells and despite the sleep deprivation, I somehow managed to cobble together a rather lovely website from scratch,! I am really enjoying seeing my little business beginning to flourish and know with all the help and resource this forum has to offer, I have a safe space to refer to if I need help! I hope I am able to offer the same support in return!

Looking forward to getting to know you all!



Hi Everyone,
I am a newbie to VA, self employment and working from home. I live in Antrim, Co Antrim, and I am a mum to 2 now grown up children and 2 cats.

I left employment following illness and decided working for myself from home was best for me. Having left school with typing all the way back in 1990 and following an array of administration qualifications, bookkeeping etc and always worked in admin roles including spending 3 years as Office Manager/PA in my last employed role.

I have just this week completed some local business start up programmes so now can focus full time on my VA business and really enjoying helping other new business start up’s in their early stages of business too, eg, getting them registered with HMRC. I am always learning so any new information or information you may be looking for which I may know the answer please contact me.

In my spare time I do a lot of crafting and knitting toys which I’m not getting much of recently but so far loving my new life.

Thank you for reading.


Hi Roisin,
I couldn’t resist making contact with you when I read your message. I’m in Co.Down and although I’ve been doing ‘VA work’ for a few years, I’ve just launched my website, joined LinkedIn and started networking as a VA. I got my first ‘proper’ VA client yesterday.
I’d be delighted to connect with you on LinkedIn, we might even be able to meet up sometime!
(another) Róisín


Hi everyone,

I’m in Co, Down having moved here 5 months ago from Kent. Although I’ve been providing VA support for a few years, I’m delighted to be widening my net by launching my website recently I love the versatility of being a VA. I look forward to getting you know you all and dipping into the amazing support that seems to be here.



Hi Roisin,
Well done you on your website, LinkedIn and networking as well as your first ‘proper’ client.

I’ve had a few small one off clients but each one matter and I’ve only been doing this full time since September.
I would be very happy to connect with you and meet up. It can be lonely working for yourself, so people keep telling me!!
Here is my LinkedIn url to connect there


Hi Everyone, Im Shelley from Scotland
At present, I am not an active VA but I have 20y experience in PA/Secreterial and also dabble in other skills outwith these roles which could prove beneficial to a VA role and currently looking into setting myself up as a VA so at present, I am on for research and developing a business plan.
Hoping to get some great advice/ideas and begin this venture into a new (almost new) career which will mean I can work hours which suit my lifestyle caring for my baby while also being able to work too as working nights are proving tiring when juggling a baby and would love to put my years of experience to use.


Hello everyone - I just started our on my VA journey in September - my background is in Property and Legal so hoping to get some clients in those areas. I decided to become a VA so that I can fit in work around my family life. I’m based in Bishops Stortford in Herts.



My name is Jess and I am based in Bristol. I started my VA business almost a year ago.

I am very happy with how things have progressed and how much I have achieved over the past 11 months.

I started out by doing lots of networking. By the summer, I had got my first paid client. Since then, my business has began to grow slowly, but surely! I am continually learning and assessing what works and what isn’t quite so successful.

For me, networking has been by far the best way for getting clients.

Having my own business has also taken a lot of patience and perseverance. My advice is to never give up!


Hi everyone, I’m Abi and I’m from London. I’ve slowly been setting up my VA business since October, alongside working at temporary jobs. I’m all set up and ready to go now, just itching to get my first client!

Looking forward to being part of this community and absorbing (and hopefully at some stage adding to) all of the shared knowledge.

Thanks :slight_smile:



My name is Daryl Louise and I have wanted to be a VA for a long time now but life has been busy! Getting married, having my two babies, moving away from home and all the fun stuff in-between. I am a military wife so a lot is dictated by my husbands job but now I want to take back some control by creating a business that allows me to be around for my children and have something of my own again. I chose a VA business simply because that’s what I’m good and up until a year ago that was my entire career and a successful one if that.

I’m still very much in the early stages, I know what I want but I’m still figuring out the technicalities and building the content. In addition I feel its important that I go live at a time where I can commit without question and be available for my clients. With this in mind, I plan on using the oncoming months to do the back ground work, build a network and maybe do the odd course. I will then go live October 2020. Has anyone wrote a blog prior to taking on clients? I read somewhere its a good way to draw in traffic. But I’m not sure a professional site would be writing about starting up the business.

Looking forward to getting to know you and utilising this forum and the vast knowledge you all have!



Wow @daryl.louise - what a busy time you have had. I get hugely excited when I see military spouses set up as a Virtual Assistant - as I am ex-Royal Navy (of 23 years) and my husband was Army (25 years) and so not only have I been the service person but also the military spouse.

Happy to chat and answer any questions you have about setting up as a VA or the being a military spouse and setting up. Are you in your own home or married quarters - don’t forget if MQs you need permission to run a business from there.

Welcome to the industry


Hi Amanda,

Oh fantastic! My husband is in the Royal Marines. 10 years service so far. We’ve been together 5 of those years. I am an ex civilian army instructor too in what seems a previous life.

I am in married quarters, so thank you. I didn’t know that! I’m concerned about putting our address on the site so I’m looking into virtual mailbox. Do you think I will still need permission even if the business isn’t technically ran at this address?

I would love to chat more if you have the time.


@daryl.louise - where are you based? Part of the conditions to live in the quarters are that you need to seek approval to run a business from the MQs - I have never known them to say no but officially you are supposed to check.


Always happy to chat with anyone about all things VA. Don’t panic, although I am a VA Trainer I won’t try to sell to you. Will you be at the PA Show next month (in particular at the VA Conference) - great opportunity to connect with VAs.


oh fab! I have a poorly baby at the minute so haven’t had chance to think! No I won’t be there unfortunately. Still breastfeeding and won’t have anyone around for the children. We are based at lympstone at the minute. X


I just had a quick look at your site. It’s fantastic. Will definitely have a deeper look tonight especially at your e book x


Thank you - very kind of you - lots of resources there to help you get started. Sorry to hear little one is ill - my eldest is currently off school ill too - it’s a juggling game.


Hi All, I am Liz and live in the lovely Surrey. With 40 years experience as a PA/Secretary, the majority of which has been spent in the housebuilding/surveying and estate agency industry, I felt it was time to set myself up with an administration business offering transcription/general typing services. I have just completed the VACT VA Mastery course and have joined a few networking groups as a start. My website is currently under construction but should be up and running in a couple of weeks.

I have a second side to my business which follows on from a long term hobby of research/life management. I have spent many years researching for friends and family and decided it was time to offer this to people who have very busy lives.

I am really looking forward to being part of this forum.