Introduction - PLEASE READ FIRST


Not on there myself but I know they used to have a habit of adding people onto the platform who hadn’t asked to be featured… So the info might not be 100% accurate.


They added me, they had me as an accountant… I’m not!
I’ve since edited the preferences, they don’t have a VA specific section but they have many tasks that could be relevant.
I’ve not checked it out properly as you have to pay (£80) for a bundle of credits, you then use these to reply. Each listing uses a different amount of credits, on average, you only get 8 - 10 replies for the £80… You’re not even exclusively contacting that lead, you’re paying to throw your hat in the ring to be considered. I’m a little cynical but it’s working very well for my partner who’s an electrician. It also boosts his and my website rankings.