Introduction - PLEASE READ FIRST


Welcome Alex!

I’m going to be annoying and say most of mine come from referral, which is no help at all to a start up VA!! But after that good old SEO does wonders!


Thanks Caroline, yes a lot of research has suggested that a lot work is generated by referrals and word of mouth (for many industries). I better get booked into more Networking events to make some more contacts I think…


Hi Everyone!

My name is Kirsten and I have just started my own business as a bookkeeper and virtual assistant! I am based in the north cotswolds in Gloucestershire. Is there anyone local to me? That would be great!!

Really looking forward to getting to you know you all!
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Hi Kirsten - I’m sure there are a few about! Welcome to SVA!


Hi Kirsten,

I’m not near you but was a few weekends ago for a weekend away - beautiful part of the country. There are loads of hints and tips for setting up a bookkeeping business here on the forums - so have a look through those. The Money Laundering registration tip from Dawn was an eye opener for me… :open_mouth:


Hello everyone! My name is Ena, I’m based in London, and I’m few days from starting my business as a Virtual assistant.

SVA has been a great help for me over the past few week, and has made the whole process a lot easier for me.

I’m really looking forward to chatting to other VA’s.


Hi Ena,

I’m in London too. Good luck with starting out - there is loads of interesting stuff here on the forums.


Hello! I’m Carla Godfrey and I’ve just started out as a VA.

I do both ordinary and bilingual secretary work as I am fluent in French.

My website is:


Welcome Carla!


Hi I’m Esther, I’m currently researching before setting up my VA business, so it’s very early days for me. I look forward to learning from you all, so what do you wish you’d done differently when you set your business up?


Oh good question Esther… I’m going to be annoying and say the start up process was pretty smooth (because I had loads of help from PSYBT!!) but the growth phase, I wish I’d outsourced sooner and been more bullish about how I wanted it to work - realising I WAS the VA’s client took me a long time!


Hi everyone I’m Clare and I’ve been a member of SVA for a few years now but haven’t posted on here for a while! So I thought I’d ‘re-introduce’ myself.

I’ve been running CC Professional - a remote business support organisation - since 2010 and have built up a team of associate VAs and Channel Partners, each specialising in specific areas, so clients can be matched with the most suitable resources.

I’m an active networker in Buckinghamshire and have numerous contacts in many disciplines across the country and with many other VA groups.

CC Professional provides remote business support, including (but not limited to) the following areas: PA/VA/Admin; Social media; Copywriting; Research; Email marketing; Project management; IT/Website/SEO/PPC; Bookkeeping; Diary/email management; Invoicing/expenses; Audio transcription; Data entry; Call handling; HR administration and Conference/event organisation and support.

Look forward to liaising with you all in due course!

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Hello Clare and welcome!


Hi there,

I’m Dee from Devon, UK. I have been a work based assessor and university lecturer in business studies and changed my career to become a VA. At the moment the business is part time only but it is growing slowly and I am pleased to see so many VAs around and so much advice online. At first it felt intimidating since so many of us are out there, but I’m more with it now and try to do as much work as I can so I could identify my niche sooner rather than later.

thanks for your support.



Hi Dee

What did you lecture in?

In most industries having lots of competition would be a worrying thing, but with VAs it’s actually a strength because you have other people to ask about best practice or tools they use or how they approach a particular subject. And there’s more than enough work for everyone.



My name is Letty Scrimgeour I launched my own Virtual Assistant Company 19 months ago. I am based in Aberdeenshire Scotland and work with a variety of clients. Providing Administration Support and a friendly service.

My company is called KeyStroke Virtual Secretary Services Ltd and we can be found at


Hi Letty

I’m about to disappear up north this afternoon for a little holiday - a beautiful part of the world!!!


Hi everyone!

I’m new to the forum but have been doing my business for nearly 2 years now, though properly concentrating on it for around 18 months!

I’m based in Essex and my website is

I’m hoping to make coming on here a habit to check out the posts!



Hello Everyone!

I’m Selina from Bedfordshire, I launched my business earlier this year after finding out about VA services in the Guardian newspaper Xmas 2016. Glad to say I did - it’s a great opportunity to work for myself, learn new skills and continue to do what I love!

I have been a PA for 13 years and transitioning to a VA is one of the best things I have ever done!

I look forward to talking with you all!!



Hello Selina - welcome to SVA!

It’s funny how many PAs are making the leap to working virtually, and the City is really struggling to keep anyone at their desks these days.

Don’t forget to check out the newbie posts here:
societyofvirtualassistants. … rt-up-vas/