Introduction - PLEASE READ FIRST


Hi Everyone

I’m new to the forum and the being self-employed bit. I am still getting sorted but hope to speak with you all again soon.

Virtual Office Ally


Hi Everyone

I am new to the SVA site and forums although I started my VA business back in 2010. I have one major client but have recently started networking to try to expand my client base. I offer PA and Project Support and need more tips on expanding my business in the VA market around the Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire area.

If anyone has any ideas then please let me know.




Hi Paula

I am based in Leicestershire, but have quite a few contacts in Northamptonshire. I’m still new to all this, but maybe we could see how we can help each other by staying in contact? Drop me an email if you like to

Kind regards



Hello my name is Yejide and I set up Supreme Virtual Assistance in January 2012, started trading from July 2012.
I am based in Hackney, east London very close to the city and ‘trendy’ Shoreditch and Silicon Roundabout!

Here is my website although I am going to have a total redesign as I have finally decided on the niche market for me to offer my services to

I am also an avid tweeter so if you are on twitter follow me and I will follow you back.

I am a jewellery designer/maker and working on my 1st collections and website taking place very soon.

I have been a member of SVA for a while but only just plucked up the courage and made the time to start engaging online with fellow VAs!

I look forward to engaging, interacting and learning more about other members of the Society.:smiley:


Welcome Yejide! Pop up to the British Library networking sessions too - very useful and loads of good contacts!


Many thanks Caroline for the welcome and I am definitely interested in the networking sessions at the British Library. When is the next one please?


I’m not sure - they have them fairly regularly though! Check the website for details.


Thanks Caroline, will check the website. Hope you had a great weekend and here’s to a productive week :slight_smile:


Hi, My name is Isamba and I’m new here. I have just started my virtual assistant business and I am very excited. This is a first for me, running my own business and as a virtual assistant, I have been so busy marketing my business and trying to get clients, it’s such a huge challenge for me but I’m enjoying myself and the challenge. It’s the best thing I have ever done and no regrets!


Hi Isamba - it’s definitely more exciting than just being an employee - life is never dull!


Hi All,
I’m just starting out on my Virtual PA journey. Website done, fb page done, asked all my friends to share & like. Posted on local LinkedIn facebook pages. Can anyone out there recommend any other ways to spread the Virtual PA message & how you’ve gained new customers? Any advice gratefully recieved.


Sorry, forgot to say that I’m based on the Shropshire/North Wales/ Cheshire borders.


I have finally got around to introducing myself.

I started my VA business in March last year. I had wanted to start up as a VA for a few years, and was in a lucky position of having a former colleague contact me while I was temping for another company. He proposed a job, which kick-started everything off, and led to me setting up my limited company.

Over the past year I have mainly been assisting with document reformatting and providing a Microsoft Word troubleshooting service.

My client is about 95 miles away, and they have kept me fairly busy all year, but now the project is beginning to slow down, so I am now in the middle of a marketing campaign in the Ferndown, Dorset area.

I can offer general office support locally, and although I have mainly worked with energy companies (oil and renewables), I would like to work with other companies to expand my portfolio.


That she be an interesting niche - loads of start up/rapidly expanding companies who would need a VA!


Hi, I am Jacqui.

I have just started my VA career this week so I am just looking for my first job.

I am an experienced Senior Admin Officer with a lot of qualifications. I have a degree in Logistics & supply chain management and a HND business background to that.

If I am able to work with anyone, please ask.

Love the forum & wealth of information & skills.


Hi Jacqui

Welcome to SVA - remember to check out the Newbies section on the main site here:
societyofvirtualassistants.c … rt-up-vas/



Hi there

Looking forward to being part of the VA community. I’m Allison and I’m in Shetland! (Furthest North member!?)

I’m currently on maternity leave from my full-time job and have taken the first tentative steps to setting up as a VA.

If it all goes to plan, by this time next year I’ll be home on a full-time basis, working as a VA. I’m used to home-working every week, so have that much needed discipline (even when the washing basket is calling my name!).

My background is local government (Housing) and that’s included managing teams and projects, policies and strategies, report writing, statistics and trends and spreadsheets, plain English information from leaflets to webpages and a wide catch-all of organisation and admin tasks.

My family tell me the ideal gift for me would be a roll of flipchart paper and a pack of post-it notes! They’re not far wrong, probably something many a VA has a soft spot for!?

For the rest of 2014, I’ll be looking after baby No.2 and developing my website and new business as I can. Sooo excited, have wanted to do this since baby No.1 (now 8) arrived :smiley:



Hi Allison

I had the idea brewing in the back of my head for some time before starting too - the fact it hadn’t gone away meant I was fairly certain it was the right thing!

We’ve got a few island members - Diane Murray is in the Western Isles…and I think there’s a VA on the Isle of Wight but her name escapes me!


Funny how the idea sticks if it’s right!

insert strongest Scottish accent
“What’s fir you will no go by you”


Am loving the helpful info on the site, has really helped me with phone set up today, and looking at banking tomorrow :+1:.

Would also like to volunteer to help with the site if I can too.



haha - everyone assumes I sound like Rab C Nesbitt - they are always quite surprised/disappointed when I don’t!!!