Introducing The Office Assistant Online!


Hi Everyone!

My name is Aliet (pronounced similar to elite, but with an A; I know, but I didn’t choose it, my mother did! It’s a Dutch name).

I live on the Rosneath Peninsula in Scotland and moved here from Cape Town, South Africa, six months ago, where I started my VA business, The Office Assistant, in 2006! So, I’ve been a VA for 13 years! At present I have three South African based clients but am now looking to market my business in the area I live in, and further afield too.

I love working for myself and also love promoting the VA-style of working to potential clients who have either never heard of working with a Virtual Assistant or who have, but are unsure of how to find a VA they can work with.

I look forward to sharing ideas and learning from all of you. I am presently working on a new website, registering my business in the UK and learning how things are done differently here compared to South Africa.

Thanks for welcoming me into your forum!


What a beautiful corner of the world (I’m in Glasgow but a lot of my family are across the water in Rhu!).

I’d say the main differences you are going to come across are the legal ones surrounding marketing and what you can/cannot offer as a VA.
E.g. We are required to display addresses and if you are not with an approved body you must register for Money Laundering if you are doing any elements of bookkeeping.

It’ll be interesting to see if you notice any other differences - one of the reasons we only accept UK VAs, is because there are so many cultural/legal/marketing differences between the UK and the rest of the world.


Hi Caroline,

Thank you so much for your response to my introduction!

Yes, it is a beautiful part of Scotland, we are loving being here and Rhu is a beautiful village too, with the church towering over everything. Drive through it regularly on our way to Helensburgh!

The legal challenges are something I will need to look at carefully. And, how I continue to work with my South African clients under those restrictions. Lots of work to do :slight_smile:

I’ll certainly let you know how different it is working as a VA here in the UK to working in SA, where this market is very much unregulated. However, there are now a couple of VA Associations starting to professionalise this niche.

Thank you so much for the links, they have been very helpful.



Changing countries is always complicated - hope you are settling in well. Welcome to the forums.


Welcome to the UK or should I say Scotland.

Very best of luck moving forward.



Thank you so much, Philippa, for your warm welcome! Looking forward to growing The Office Assistant Online in the coming months!



Thank you so much, Wendrie! It’s an exciting time!