I’m Lisa and have been a VA for close to 2 years now. I am based in Suffolk.

It’s still a learning curve but one I really enjoy.

I worked as a PA for over 20 years, mainly based in France and working for a Japanese seed company, so love diversity.

Looking forward to contributing to the group.



Hi Lisa

Intrigued by the Japanese seed company… Was it for flowering tea? Or special garden plants?

I always think having a broad background gives you a good base as a VA. Especially if you’ve had elements of virtual working in previous roles.

Speak soon!


Hi Caroline,

We were lucky enough to receive gifts of amazing tea from visitors from the head office.

However, the business specialised in vegetables and flowers. Ever eaten any broccoli, it more than likely came from one of their seeds. Planted any pansies, probably one of theirs too. A great environment to work in.

Our zone of responsibility was EMEA, so in a way we all worked remotely, as we were spread across the territory.

Every thing we do teaches us something.

Have a great week!