Do any of you use Instagram in your business and if so, how do you make it work for you? My teenage son tells me its a necessity!


Hi Maria,

I do use Instagram for my business (more because I love instagram than anything else :)). I’ve seen and follow a lot of other VA’s who use this platform to promote their business, personally I use this to show what my work can involve (personal shopping, restaurants etc).

Claire :slight_smile:


Thanks Claire


I think this will be an interesting one - Instagram has recently changed their algorithm though to make it harder to monetise the site, so whilst it is THE site for under 25s, I’m not sure I’d rely on it for income. Also not very many of my clients are under 25s - but that could be just because I’m in a rather business-y niche rather than fashion/music/media.


I’m glad you said that Caroline, I had the same thoughts but wondered if I had got left behind in the modern social media frenzy!