Infusionsoft and Social Media



I am looking for someone who knows Infusionsoft, I have been asked to give a quote to someone in the US for this and wondered if there were any potential associates out there that know Infusionsoft and has some availability probably around 2/3 hours a week ongoing. I have asked some more questions as to what they are using Infusionsoft for currently and what exactly they want doing so I can update this post when I get that I was just trying to get ahead of the game.

Thank you.



It’s quite a specialised thing, so defo get a specialist in.

Just one wee warning: a few people I know in the US have been complaining that Infusionsoft’s reporting isn’t working as it should at the moment… So well worth asking them a few questions about what reports they want run and if they are currently set up and working properly. (They might be hiring because they are finding it frustrating getting it to work!!)


Hi Caroline,

Thank you for your message, I will make sure to ask that specific question.