Indesign alternative for PDF creation/edits



I have a project where the client currently uses Indesign to produce PDF’s. I’ve looked at buying this, and it’s £20/month… Can anyone recommend a cheaper software package?



I use Cute.pdf - free. Download and then save document and select Cute and it saves as pdf.


I like CutePDf or Ilovepdf too…

The other alternative is to create the document in Word/Powerpoint and then SAVE AS and select “Save as PDF”. That might not work though depending on the complexity of the document!

Another alternative might be but it does have limitations, especially if the doc is text heavy…


Fab, thanks ladies, I’ll check them out!


Hi Suzanne - there are cheaper (even free) software out there, but Adobe InDesign is industry standard when it comes to graphic design. So I would think twice before buying a cheap alternative, if it’s design work you are doing. I’ve done two InDesign courses and it still does my head in, so I do get where you’re coming from. I am in the UK, so it may be different in another country … but it’s all heading to Adobe!


Thanks for this. Using powerpoint and saving as pdf is working well for now, we’ll see how it goes :slight_smile: