How to market to training and events clients?



Could anyone suggest how to market to training and events clients?

I’m particularly meaning independant coaches eg life coaches, motivational speakers, those who travel around and train in different venues.

I am wondering if there is such a thing as a list of this type of potential client?



It’s certainly a good niche for VAs. I have a couple of coaches I work with, but haven’t done anything in particular to target them. You might try and target the smaller coaching companies?


Generally, marketing your VA business is the same regardless of the niche you are targeting. They need to understand the value you bring so that your fee is more than justified for them. Generally this ‘value’ is one or more of the following:

  1. They can grow their business more effectively by handing over tasks to someone else. They no longer need to spend all their time on admin/repetitive tasks, and can concentrate on growth strategy and execution of business plan

  2. They get better quality of life by handing over tasks to someone else because they have more time for themselves/family/leisure

  3. They get the best talent by hiring a VA rather than whoever is available in the immediate local area due to the internet… the world is their resource rather than only those who live in a 10m radius of their place of work

  4. They save money because they don’t have to pay employers NI contribution, sort out PAYE, no infrastructure costs (computer, desk, office space etc). I put this one last because it seems to be the most common reason, but personally I feel it is the weakest argument to get a VA).

Specifically focussing on individuals who do a lot of travel, speak at events (organise their own events) is a great niche. I’d suggest finding some local ones, emailing and explaining (using the relevant points above) how you can improve things for them, and tell them you’ll follow up with a phone call. Alternatively, go to a few of the events they run, and speak to them face to face afterwards if they are accessible. Face to face is far stronger than email and phone (networking!). Offer to take them to lunch one day (you pay of course) , taking an hour of their time so you can explain exactly what you can do for them. What you can do for them could be:

  • Travel plans (train/taxi/plane/hotel/food etc)
  • Event management/planning (venue selection, negotiation of fees, decor/branding, training resource setup (laptop/projector, print outs, delegate packs, badges, breakout rooms))
  • Marketing/advertising (social media/graphics design/mailchimp setup (mass emailing)/branding/web design/blogging)

You don’t necessarily have to be able to DO all these things. Sub contract to other VAs who have these special skills (the limit of my web design skills for example is ‘saving as HTML’ in word, but I have contacts with years of professional design experience I sub contract to. Do the same for graphics design, rebranding etc).

The important thing is that you become their ‘go to’ person. As long as you are accessible (easy to get hold of), responsive (you get back to them within agreed timescales), competent (you can do the job they ask of you) and unflappable (when the pressure is on, you don’t have a melt down and book flights for Grenada instead of Granada!), this could work really well. :slight_smile: