How to keep my mind straight?


Setting up as a Virtual Assistant was quite overwhelmed (to be honest, very stressful). I only found out about the standards after starting setting up (my bad) but then I wanted to do things by the book. I had more things to do than ever thought about but even then I managed to establish a method of working. There was a point where I had to use a gantt chart to help me to organise all the things I had to learn, to do, and at the same time seeing that I was progressing.
Straight after “I lunched” I had a lot of positive feedback. I had people saying they would like to work with me in the future, I had people requesting quote and I had one client who gave a lot of positive feedback (we are becoming friends now). However, I feel like now it is the hardest time. I feel like I am stuck. I have never been social media personality or techie and apart from my website which I have done with professional help my “social profiles” are not even attractive. So I decide to learn how to do nice things (as everyone else) and because I have one prospect client that want me to take care of his booking and social media. The only problem is that I feel like “I’m getting lost”. I feel like there is so much to learn (I am always keen on learning (or have been), but I feel like I spend my time trying to figure out where to start). And along with others problems, like financial, I feel like I am losing my confidence too.


I’m new too so I know how you feel but remember all you can do is try your best.
I have tried to be very organised and log everything down including what courses I want to do and in which order. It can feel very overwhelming but don’t give up and set your sights on your goals. If it works for you, write lists , courses, what you need to do for the business, which groups you belong too etc … that’s what I do. Good luck .


Thank you Gloria,
I have been working as a freelancer from the past year and a half and I considered myself quite well-organised, so I wasn’t expecting to feel like this.


We have been living through very difficult times so don’t forget that. Take care of yourself and good luck with it all x


Firstly, I think right now is exceptionally hard even for established VAs, because there is so much economic uncertainty and a lot of businesses are in a “holding pattern” right now unwilling to do anything. VAs usually do well out of recessions because after the dust settles, people realise they still need someone to do the admin and that it’s best to keep things flexible. However, we’re still in the midst of the storm. Personally, if I had to guess, I think things will start to pick up in Sept.

The good news: You are getting enquiries, even against that background, so you’re doing well. It is just a numbers game, you just need to keep on plugging away.

“Comparison is the thief of joy” - your business is YOURS, no one else’s. So if you don’t want to do loads of social media or you don’t feel it pays off, don’t do it! Social media works for some businesses, it doesn’t work for others. And for VAs, it’s really not that effective (LinkedIn is only the 3rd most effective method of getting new clients behind referrals and face-to-face networking - and it lags some way!).

Keep it simple, be consistent rather than doing everything.


Change and starting a new business is scary. Remind yourself of your why you chose to be a VA. Also how about just making the worlds biggest list of everything you can think of that you need to do and want to learn in order to feel happier being a Virtual Assistant. You will never get everything completed so you need to tackle a few tasks at a time. Then each week look back at what you have achieved. Once you feel like you are progressing then it will spiral into more ideas, energy and a way forward. I think everyone feels similar to this at some point when owning your own business. You just need to focus on what motivates you, what gives you confidence and don’t focus on what everyone else is doing. Good luck, like Caroline said the good thing is you are getting noticed by future clients so you must be doing something right.:smiley:


Thank you for Gloria, Caroline and Keira.
I guess I was having a bad day (I needed someone to talk). I have friends and supports but I felt here I would find someone that would understand what I am going through.
Feeling much better and more productive.:smiley:


Glad to hear that you’re feeling better and more productive :blush:


As much as family and friends want to be supportive, it’s not the same because they haven’t been there. My dad is self employed, as is my best pal - that helps immensely, they “get” it!

Having the rant is a good idea, and invariably people are not only supportive but can often spot obvious solutions which you might not have thought of, so ALWAYS speak out!


Hi Paula, You’re not on your own, it’s been a very difficult time. Somehow you just have to stay motivated , keep doing things that will benefit your business in the long run. I started using Trello which I found to be great for keeping things organised and in the one place. You will hear people talking about Asana too, they’re similar and I guess it’s which one your prefer using. I looked at it ages ago and wish I had started using something like this sooner, but I always thought my business was too small to use apps like them. You’re business is never too small, there is so much to do and becoming familiar with a project management software early on will benefit your business later on when you have more clients. Keep at it, you can do this.


I started my business back in April and like you thought i was a very well organised person but it is very different when you are doing it for yourself as suddenly everything is your responsibility where as when you are an employee you probably had a specific role and there was lots of support around you doing other things. So don’t worry you are not on your own


The one I really struggle with - as an employee, there is always an overarching aim in the hierarchy… So your boss will ultimately say “This is the priority” whereas as a VA, you have to make those decisions for your business - and sometimes there is no clear answer.


Hi Paula,

I thought I would ping you a message and see how you are getting on - has life started to feel a little more calmer for you.

Ask questions if you are feeling overwhelmed - lots of us are here to help you.

Take care



Once again thank everyone for your support.

Amanda, I am doing much better now. In terms of clients, I haven’t had many clients since then, but I am doing some courses on marketing, social media, SEO and others things that I think may help me. I have stopped trying to be perfect on social media and I have stopped trying to keep up with everything happening online. Since I had decided to set up as a virtual assistant I have started to read everything about VA I find on the internet/books. It was/is very useful. I am so grateful for the websites like SVA, this forum and others that help me so much but after the advice I received here I decided to slow down a bit and focus more on learning with a specific objective in mind.

Thank you.


It is a bit of a swirl of information - even the stuff we send out can be overwhelming (and we do try and stagger it for that reason!). The main thing is to concentrate on being consistent - once you get used to doing one thing which you know gets results, adding another thing in doesn’t seem to difficult.


The big thing to remember is Rome was not built in a day and don’t try and be everywhere all of the time. Create your annual goal, break it down into 90 day chunks, then weekly, then daily and just keep going. I also recommend not trying to use / learn all of the platforms. Start with 1 or 2 and then as you get confident - move on to the next one.

Exciting times ahead for you.



Hope things are getting easier for you now. I’m just setting up so guess I’ve all this to come.

Best of luck.


Yes, things are getting much better now. Do not worry too much but in case you feel it happens, try to follow the advice given in this post ( or ask for more). They have been very helpful to me.

Good luck too.


We all have days like this, and it feels so much better and the problem feels a lot smaller when we can talk to people that know what we are talking about, or have experienced similar. :slight_smile: