How much do you spend on your website annually?


This popped up on a FB group and I suspect my own answer to this is WAY off beam compared to other VAs: How much do you spend on your website each year?

Is it just hosting fees for Wordpress? Do you spend a lot of time tweaking it instead of cash? Do you outsource the SEO?


hi @caroline,

I build my own website on Wix when I started and this was because a) I wanted to learn and gain the practical knowledge b) I didn’t have the finance to invest in this.

Financially it costs me £12 a month to run my website which includes a premium plan and my domain/mailbox and, quite honestly, I have no idea if this is reasonable or costly :woman_shrugging:
Of course, this doesn’t account for the time I spent building it and the continuous ‘tinkering’!

I now know that Wix isn’t a great platform for a number of technical reasons that I won’t pretend to understand.

I am now at a stage where I feel ready to invest in my website and I am going to outsource this work.


Oh that’s quite expensive… .com domains are about £10/year and hosting with a couple of MySQL databases for Wordpress is probably £60 a year. But I can totally see the advantage of using something as user friendly as Wix - what’s the SEO results like?


I thought it was quite expensive :roll_eyes:

To be completely honest I don’t run the analytics on it @caroline but having just run a quick check it looks pants… (a widely used professional term here in Yorkshire! :joy:) and the test brought up a number of errors and problems with Java. My previous comment prompted me to get in touch with a website design contact I have and I will be working with him in the new year :slight_smile:


haha - yeah, I must admit, it always feels a bit exposed when the SEO experts look at what I’ve been up to!! LOL! It’s never usually anything major, just laziness over time.


My website and domain costs around £100 per year from and I built / am building it myself. Much the same as Rachel above, I wanted the experience myself as well as saving money. I am constantly making changes and I want to be in control. I’m a control freak - aren’t all VA’s?

I might seek some advice when it is up for renewal to see if a different platform would suit me better, but I’m worried that the whole site would then need revamping and it would look like I’ve re branded.


Hearing you on the control freakery… Websites are such personal things for VAs too, it’s our shopfront.

Must admit so far, people are spending more than I thought on their sites. Which is kinda interesting.


Saying we are taking a long time on it feels (in my case) like a euphemism! :open_mouth:
I haven’t even started in WordPress yet … keep thinking and rethinking the number of menu items, colours, what to put on my Ts&Cs, branding …. help!

Don’t worry! I think too much … everyone tells me so. I will get there though … if not before, then definitely during the Christmas break … goodness! which is round the corner!
Where has Autumn gone?!? :maple_leaf::snowman:

Good luck to us all with our respective endeavours :wink:


Done is better than perfect Anna - you will want to tweak the website as time goes on, so if anything go for flexibility rather than perfection!


Touche’ :blush:

I’ll get onto to it asap :hourglass:

Thanks for the wise words and encouragement :owl: :slight_smile:


I’m constantly tweaking mine, or have it on my to do list. I often wonder if I gave it to someone to look after temptation would be out of my hands!


I doubt it would work :open_mouth:

I have a client that almost weekly asks me whether I think he should made “small” changes. Mostly they do not seem worth the time he would have to pay me for them so I add them to a list for when he asks me to do a more substantial change.

It’s hard … websites are our identity these days… :thinking: … and we do want (and need) to portray the best of ourselves :peacock:

But the ever burdensome :hourglass: does need to be taken into account.

Good luck to us all :wink:


Generally I think it’s best if you can DIY the content… So adding a new page or blog post should be easy for you to do so the content is nice and fresh. But having a developer to help you with the build can make it look much more professional and can help with SEO too.


Ok, so my site hosting / tech support is £35 per month, my domains (I have many pointing to site so probably unrealistic to include them all here) - but generally I buy my domain name for a set number of years at about £9.99 per annum. I keep my email hosting separate so that if the website domain goes down - I don’t lose my email.

The best investment I did was have my initial VA site built (wordpress site of about 7 pages including blog) - and cost me about £500 but that came with 2 x 30 mins training sessions on how to maintain it. Since then, I do the bulk of the work myself unless I need something heavily technical.


Once again, I had never considered this … I will have to call 123-Reg and ask them about this. :crossed_fingers:

Thank you so much for your pearls of wisdom :blush:


That’s a good call Amanda on the separate hosts… I doubt many VAs have that though…
And to be fair, if you go with a reasonably secure host your down time should be minimal. I’ve only ever had issues with smaller webhosts who only have the one server. With mirrored servers and failsafes in different locations, it’s really unusual these days.


My own website is Wordpress and I set it up and maintain myself, just paying for registration and domain and my email address, can’t remember how much but exactly but less than £150. Although I don’t really like as it isn’t the most intuitive.

I manage two other websites running wix and it’s roughly £111/yr (not my cost). I find it is quicker and much easier to use and is always adding new functionality to it over time, so I think Wordpress really needs to keep an eye on this competitor. The seo is ok and has a checklist to go through in its platform which is easy to follow but I’m not sure it’s completely thorough in terms of keywords and phrases,

I’m actually looking to refresh my own VA websites and looking to themes as the free one I had been using (from my days learning at tech) is looking a little crap (another technical term ). Any suggestions, willing to consider paying for a decent theme, the one I looked at under theme forest and specifically for VAs is $53

Sound about right?


Not sure - I guess one of the joyous things about being a VA is that we all do it our own way… I know some themes are about $99 or others which are free… Kinda depends what you need it to do!


Makes the $53 sound ok then, might just go for it.
New year new start and since I launched this time last year it’s a birthday present to the business :grin:


I like this idea! I like it a lot!