How long did it take you to get your first enquiry?



I was just wondering , how long it took before you received your first enquiry?

I know it’s different for everyone but I thought this would be interesting to know.



I officially started trading on 26th March 2020 and got my first client confirmed on 21st May 2020 which considering it was during the pandemic i thought was pretty good going!


Thanks for replying.

Less than 2 months is great, well done!


It’s one we ask in the UK VA Survey (Grab your copy here for this and many more useful start up stats: This year we had over 500 UK based VAs take part, so it’s a pretty hefty piece of research.

The majority of VAs already had some clients lined up before starting (34%). However, 3% of VAs took over 6 months to land their first client.


This is great, thank you so much.


I got mine within a week of ‘properly’ sharing and advertising my business and it was somebody I already new, which I think seems to reasonably often be the case. Definitely worth sharing your business post on Facebook with your friends and family (here and there at least)!


Thanks, I can see that it really does vary!

Well done on getting a client so quickly.


I think it’s an easier sell when it’s someone who already knows you - it’s why I always say to get on LinkedIn and reconnect with everyone and anyone you have ever worked with!


This is very true, thanks.


Hi Gloria

I launched on 1 July and I was super blessed to get my first client on 15 July. It’s a lady I know and I feel lucky that she’s already passed my details on to others in her network (hopefully something will arise from there - but I’m networking to others in the meanwhile).

I would recommend utilising your network as much as possible if you can. Maybe try and give a discount on your first service / first client to build that initial loyalty and get recommendations on your profile.

I’d also be clear on the niche you’re aiming for - ie, which business sector / size of company etc - and focus your efforts on that. A mistake I was / am making is being too broad and I’m learning to focus on a particular niche to see if that’s easier to target.

Good luck! x


Would highly recommend this too. This helped me a lot when i first started.
Try and ignore the rejections (they can be soul destroying if you allow them to be) - there WILL be someone out there, in your network, looking for your service.


Thanks everyone .

To be honest , I do struggle with a niche :grimacing:.

It’s very early days for me and I know it will take time .


Although I paid for advertising on most social media, networked, joined groups, paid for websites, software, etc and have a specific niche it took me years!! All I received were likes to my posts but no actual enquiries or clients. I am not sure why!
Am I the only one who has struggled this much??
I have a full time job so paying the bills has never been a problem.


I have similar - over the years everyone bangs on about having a niche and doing networking and being active on social media…I felt kinda guilty that I didn’t do much of it, but the fact is, it just didn’t work for me. My target is time poor, cash rich business people, they aren’t spending a lot of time on there.

Now this totally flies in the face of where most VAs get their clients and how most VAs work… But I think 15 years later, I’m confident enough to say I’m not missing a trick! It boils down to knowing your target, knowing what works for your business.

If you are struggling, ask your current clients where they found you - do more of that! Or if you are still to snare some, go speak to people you’d like to work with and ask them how they’d find a VA or why they’d want a VA (or indeed NOT want a VA!). No sales pitch, just research. It’s enlightening!



For me I picked up my first client after 3 weeks. It was a one off project.


Wow, that’s great! Well done :grinning:


Well done - where one comes, the rest follow! Keep on doing it!


I have just set up my VA business too and luckily already had one client lined up for some ad hoc work. It is interesting to hear how others have approached setting up their business as I have been worried about whether to spend lots of money on advertising if it is not worth it! I’ll have a good read through everyone’s advice on here before making any snap decisions!
Thank you!


That’s great that you already have a client.

It is hard to know what and how much to invest. We all need the main things, laptop , insurance , contract and registration with the ICO. I suppose anything else is a bonus or have I forgotten something🤔


Good checklist: