How did we manage diaries before Outlook?!


I set up a meeting yesterday with the Exec Assistant of a guy in a financial institution - an important opening for a client of mine.

She asked me if I would ‘send an Outlook invitation’ and I explained that the systems we used meant I didn’t send these out but I would send an email to her and her colleague instead to confirm all the details of the meeting.

Well, clearly this wasn’t acceptable. She responded by saying she would send an invite to her colleague and “As xxx [my client] doesn’t use outlook, please can you enter the details into his calendar”.


Actually he does use Outlook on his phone, but the system we use for his online calendar is Hotmail (his choice and it works). I don’t want to send out and receive these invitations for them just to go on my outlook calendar and I wasn’t going to explain all that to her.

I’ve worked recently with a client who was on the Apple Mac Mobile Me system (now i-Cloud) and we had the same situation only now it’s much, much worse - these awful outlook invitations arrive in droves whether I want them or not.

Perhaps the EA was young and hadn’t thought that for centuries people ran diaries with paper and pen/pencil very successfully and managed to ‘enter the details’ quite effectively. Perhaps the day will come when a friend rings her up to see if she’ll come for coffee and she’ll reply “send me an Outlook invitation” because bothering to write/type it into her diary/calendar will just be unthinkable.

Rant over! :slight_smile:


Love it Janet :slight_smile:

I ONLY use a paper diary and I have a client who has an electronic diary (on iCloud as it happens), but only uses that as a back-up in case he loses his paper diary!



Having used Outlook in offices for years, I’m actually not a fan of people being able to sneak stuff into the diary via it… or switching the meeting time either.


Caroline - actually that’s what she did! We agreed on 1.30 pm and I asked for an exta half an hour on the one hour meeting she’d unilaterally decided on - suggesting we extended it to 3 pm. She confirmed a meeting time of 12.30 - 2.00 without any further consultation. Just as well my client could do it!

Sarah - I am very much encouraged that I’m not the only one. I use a paper diary too, although I find Outlook useful for things that need to pop up and remind me to leave the office for an appointment. Otherwise it’s the Filofax for me! No re-charging or connection issues either!


I use both; filofax for my schedule and copy it into my Outlook diary so I can access it on my iphone… just in case I lose one! I guess you get used to dotting i’s and crossing t’s when you work as a PA!


LOL! It used to happen to me all the time at the ad agency. Drove me nuts how sneaky people could be.

Because I’m virtual, I’m even more paranoid about backing up and having a “safe” version of documents/diaries etc so that I know no one has been in fiddling with them except for me.

It’s why I won’t use Dropbox - you need two lots of back ups really if you let clients have access (one for them to accidentally delete/screw up the formatting on and another for you to restore when they do that!!)