I am new here so I thought that I would introduce myself. I have just started my own Virtual Assistant business and am very motivated and excited about my new venture. I have been a VA before but that just happened by chance and was a few years ago and I was only working with one client. I then went on maternity leave and carried on with another self-employed business that I had. I also took on a job in a school and suddenly became the data protection officer ( not the job that I applied for) but I did find it interesting and learned a lot about GDPR.

I am looking forward to reading as much as I can on here as so far what I have seen, it has all been very helpful.

Have a great day,



A usefully mixed background! Sounds like you have a good start there Gloria - welcome to SVA!


Thank you very much.

This is a fantastic and useful website. It’s nice to be able to liaise with other Virtual Assistants.


Hi Gloria,

Welcome to SVA. You will be able to gain a lot of info from SVA, there is lots of interesting reading as well as the forum. I recommend networking too, the event that I met them on was back in March and she has just confirmed that she would like my help.

Good luck, it is a very exciting time.


Hi Kiera,

Wow, that’s great .

So far, I have found this website very useful and informative.

Thanks for responding :blush: