Thought I had introduced myself already but just in case not, hi I’m Debbie and I’ve recently set myself up as a VA to help small businesses. I’ve over 20 plus years of experience in Corporate London, working in various teams as a Comms Exec, PA, EA, project coordinator and decided it was time to share my experience, while I’m still learning from others. Was initially apprehensive but now looking forward to this new challenge. I’m based in Essex.


Hi Debbie

Lots of VAs down your way - remember and have a read at the newbies section:


Thanks Caroline, and that’s good to know.


Welcome - I was over your way and am now the other end of the central line in west London.

There are quite a few people in London - and the Office Show next week is a good chance to look around and be inspired.


2 weeks time Wendrie - you had me grabbing my diary!!! Eeeek!!

Will we see you then? It’s been AGES!


Oops! Yes - sorry been doing next week’s diary planning today so it’s the week AFTER that.

Here is a link to the show direct. The VA breakfast is free



Ahh thanks for the welcome Wendrie!