Hi to all


Hi everyone,

My name is Petra, and I am a Virtual Assistant working in London. I have had a VA practice for several years and worked full-time for most of it. I have communed with VAs in the US since the beginning of my practice but thought it was about time I make friends with my VA brethren on my side of the pond. :slight_smile:

I look forward to building strong relationships with UK VAs.

Petra Boucher


Hi Petra

Welcome to SVA!

Hopefully you will find it all very useful - whereabouts are you based?


Hi Caroline

I am in SE London, near Crystal Palace if anyone knows the area. I am a work from home VA. Tried the external office approach a couple of times, but never really worked well.


I think you spend so long traveling if you do that, you need to have a minimum amount of hours - which kinda defeats the purpose of hiring a VA!


Yes, I could never justify the expense in my head, but more importantly I just like being at home. It is just sometimes the 4 walls do feel restrictive.