Hi I’m Fiona from Total PA


Hi everyone, great to be here!
I have recently been made redundant and after working from home in my last position and loving it I have taken the plunge and decided to start my own VA Business.

I wonder if anyone could give me any advice on Terms of Business? What sort of things do I include, payment terms that sort of thing.



Hi Fiona

I use Koffeeklatch for everything. Got booking forms, terms of business, data privacy policy the whole lot! I know that some VA’s use other ones, but I personally have found Koffeeklatch really good. Congratulations on starting out! Good luck!



We’re happy to recommend the Koffee Klatch contracts - if you put SVA10 as a code, you get a discount.

If you are an FSB member there is also a contract for VAs (IMHO it’s a bit clunky though!) but it is free. I believe some professional indemnity insurers are now insisting that VAs use their contract too (which they provide for free).

Don’t use stuff you’ve nicked off someone else or which is being offered free from elsewhere… Invariably these are US contracts which wouldn’t stand up in a UK court of law! We have very different legal systems, please use a UK drafted contract.