Hi from West Yorkshire


Hi, just starting out in West Yorkshire and specialising in MS Excel and Analysis for clients. I’ve read that I should target a niche client, I haven’t narrowed my niche in terms of the industries I’m targeting but I guess that will come over time if it’s needed? Or is my data analysis specialism niche enough? Look forward to being part of this group! :clap:


I kinda go against the grain here - it’s great if you have a niche and that helps you to target new clients, but there’s also a lot of benefit to being a generalist and figuring out what work you like best as a VA… Because it might not be the same thing you liked as a PA! (And the clients who need your services might be slightly different from what you imagined!)

I’d maybe have a look at getting to some fintech/coding meetups or networking meetings. I know quite a few of the unis will have incubator units attached - that might be a good place to start?

And good luck!!!