Hi from West Sussex


Hi, thanks for the invite :grinning:, I’m just getting started and wanted to say hello :wave: I’ve been going through the site and am amazed at all the encouraging info! I’m not a PA but feel this is right for me. I need to update my skills ie Microsoft, Wordpress etc… say hi if you live near and fancy meeting for a :coffee:.


I would go test yourself (google online Microsoft tests free) - you might surprise yourself with how much you know or realise there are specific areas you need to brush up on.

On Thurs/Fri I was at www.todayspaconference.co.uk and witnessed the intensive Microsoft sessions with Paul Pennant runs - I only did about an hour but I was scribbling down all sorts of things to check out!

Whereabouts are you based and I can maybe point you in the direction of some reasonably priced training?


Excellent, thank you!

I live in horsham West Sussex which is in the south east.

I’ve found some online courses on reed ( recruitment) some are free and some you pay for , they seem great value for money but obviously I’m not sure about the quality.

I’ve bought the £35 course and will go thru it this week I hope to find info on skills most popular, profitable etc… I may even do an accounting/bookkeeping course.

I appreciate you replying to message earlier, thanks again.



Ah - so the next big date for your diary is http://vaconference.co.uk/ which is 26th February 2020 at ExCel in London.


That’s fab thank you!