Hi from Warwickshire!


Hello everyone, it’s great to be starting of this new adventure with like minded people. The web site looks very informative, especially for someone just embarking on the virtual world. I’ve recently been made redundant and feel now is the right time to go it alone and start my own business as a virtual assistant.
I’m slowly working through setting up my web site and getting the right email address and business name etc. and all the tips you’ve posted have really helped and made the process so much easier. I should be fully set up by the end of April, so until then I’ll continue to post and ask really dumb questions, so please forgive me!
Kindest, Fe


Hello feonhope!

Welcome! I am fairly newish myself (set up in October) and it’s going well! There are no dumb questions, I have found other VAs to be incredibly helpful and we all remember what it is like when we first started!

Good luck with your launch!



Welcome Fe - the only stupid question is the one you were too afraid to ask! Genuinely, ask lots and lots of questions… it’s a good thing.


Thank you both for making me feel welcome. I’m in the process of setting up my web site and I’ve been looking at 123-Reg self build. Doesn’t look too bad but I think my tech skills need improving and I’m thinking that I should get a professional to set one up. Does anyone know the average cost to build a site. I’ve had a quote for about £800-£1000 for about 5 pages + links, is this about right? Many thanks!


Hi Fe!

I am in Warwickshire too - so if you want any help then please do get in touch. There are loads of networking and groups i can introduce you to.

Whereabouts in Warwickshire are you?



Hi Sam, I’m in a village called Radway near Stratford on Avon. Any help would be gratefully received!


Hi Feonhope

Welcome, I have only just recently set up last year so hope all goes well.

Have a good day




If you do have any questions feel free to ask - we are all here to help each other.

Good Luck with your new venture!!


Hi Fiona,

1&1 IONOS https://www.ionos.co.uk has WordPress website builder, “easy to use”. There are lot of templates you can use for free.

There is an offer for £0.83 per month for the first year. This includes 1 free domain and 5 e-mail accounts. Ref. link below for the offers and packages.


If you don’t want to build it yourself, you can allow access to a website designer to take over.

Have you got in mind a name for your website? you can check for availability in the link below.


Please let me know if you need help.


Carlos Cedeno-Velez


Hey Fiona,

As they say I truly believe there is no such thing as a dumb question. Best wishes for your business growth.


Hi Carlos,

Thank you for your reply. I’ve had a look at the website builder and I’ve decided to use a web designer to get me up and running. He is also a small business who is local, so I thought I would keep it in the family, so to speak! He has been really useful and introduced me to BNI as regards networking (I have my first event in a couple of weeks!) He has also directed me to a phone provider, another local business.
Hopefully I’ll be up and running by the beginning of May.
Thanks again to everyone who has made me feel very welcome on this site. Without this support I would struggle to get going.


Good luck - I hope it all goes well