Hi from Surrey


Hello Everyone, I’m Rosemary from Surrey and was employed as an EA in London until the end of December 2019 when I took redundancy in the hope of finding a local job as I was finding the commute tiresome. Then the lockdown hit and, as I live near Gatwick, jobs in the area are going to be hard to find! So I’m considering becoming a VA and I joined the Society in search of information and help. Please, if anyone has any advice on the basics, I would be very happy to hear from you. As I am unemployed, I have limited resources to spend on training courses so any advice on how to get a business up and running on mimimal funds would be appreciated. Many thanks and I look forward to getting to know you all and being of mutual assistance.


I would start with Google’s free digital garage training - it’s recognised by clients and will help your business to grow, as well as giving you a grounding in a skill you can offer clients.


Thanks Caroline, that’s great. One thing I should probably add is that I’m at the other end of the age scale, i.e. in my early sixties so facing age discrimination (in my opinion) and I figured being a VA would overcome the age issue and, once I do retire, would be a good way of supplementing the pension. Do you have any other members in this age category?
Thank you for your help!


About 14% are 55+, so you are not alone… In fact, some clients prefer “an old fashioned secretary”.