Hi from sunny Rutland


I have just signed up to SVA but set up in business last year. It’s exciting times and am loving the variety and feeling that I am helping small businesses go on to bigger and better things. As well as taking on the admin burden for small businesses and entrepreneurs I work with them to provide marketing and sales support. I am CIM qualified and was in a senior sales role for many years before giving it all up to set up in business.Are there any other VAs out there specialising in sales and marketing? Be good to connect!


Hi Fiona

I’m actually a former Ad-Lady! I used to work for AMV:BBDO and EuroRSCG Riley (ad companies love all their initials…).

I know there are a few VAs who do Infusionsoft/Keap marketing? That might be something to look into? And plenty of Mailchimp integrators and Funnel Jedis.

I guess it depends a bit on what kind of businesses you want to work for - the size, whether or not they have an inhouse team etc?


Wow - that is great to know, thank you! I’ll take a look.