Hi from Scotland


Hello Everyone. I’m Kirsty and I’m in the process of setting up as a VA at the moment. I do feel a little nervous about venturing out on my own after 20+ years in an office environment but am excited about setting up my own business. I have started looking through the forum topics and there looks to be a lot of very helpful information which will now be my bed-time reading. Am currently in the process of building a website and it’s exciting to see things progressing.


Hi Kirsty, Exciting times ahead for you - good luck with creating the website.


It’s a fun process - enjoy it!

I think my mantra on this is rather unusual - there will be loads of people who say you have to get it 100% right… But really how do you know what’s right until you’ve tried it? Nothing is set in stone, you can tweak as you go - and so:


Do be afraid to yell if you get stuck though - that’s why we’re here.