Hi from Portsmouth


Hi everyone!

I’m Sam, from Portsmouth.

I have been a VA for around 5 years now, but I dip in and out of marketing myself and being active on social media. I have given myself a boot once again and am trying to be more active, I’ve had a strategy session with a marketer and am doing my best to implement the changes!

I live in Portsmouth, with my little family of furry and non-furry children lol

I guess you would class me as a general VA, mainly admin but I am using this year to learn more technical services to expand my clientele - hopefully! I currently have one main client and we’ve been together 5 years now, she’s a wedding hair and make up artist and funnily enough she’s the one who got me into this.

Since making some changes to my website and branding I have had 4 queries in the last 10 days! This has been a major confidence boost which I’m hoping to continue and lead to a new client being signed!

My target for March is to sign a new client! I will keep you all posted on the progress.


That’s brill that you are suddenly getting new business - shows the rebrand is working!!

I also think just having a fresh mindset towards your business can really help. People ask if starting up was tough, but I kinda felt I was swept up in the tide with starting my business. I actually found 5-7 years trickier, because it wasn’t a new business any more, and some of my initial enthusiasm had waned.

People don’t really talk about that much, and I think it’s something we should talk about more because everyone feels that way at some point.