Hi from NW London!


I am a newly launched VA and am about to start full time!
I am specialising in Business Admin and PA Support, with some Lifestyle Management and Event Planning.
I am targeting the Leisure Sector - Equestrian, Sports & Travel. My first client is an Equestrian Marketing & Social Media Consultant. But I would be happy to work with any small business where I can add value by taking on their admin tasks.

Be great to connect. I love the collaboration of the VA Industry.


Oh interesting speciality! I know one VA who used to specialise in equine therapy support - she was based down in Newmarket and had lots of work. It was more booking appts/bookkeeping that she did though. Interesting niche to move it online, but it totally makes sense.

Good luck!


Thanks Caroline. It was always in my head for this to be my Niche but I wasn’t sure if it was a reality but my first client is in Equestrian and I think there is more of a market there than I could have dreamed about!!