Hi from Northamptonshire + Quick Questions


Hi All,

I’ve recently launched my VA business and on-boarding my first client this week (insert happy dance here :slight_smile: ) … I wanted to say Hi and thanks for all the information on SVA, which has been really useful! …

Quick Questions

1. Cookie & Privacy policies for Client websites?
A project the Client would like me to look at is designing their website.

I’m just wondering on where I can get the Cookie & Privacy policies to use on their website? (are there any templates out there which I can use multiple times? or do I have to write/purchase for each client? … or, am I just overthinking this. I’m not sure i’m able to re-use the policies i’ve brought for my own VA website).

2. Prospecting Emails.
I was planning to send out prospecting emails to some potential ‘ideal’ clients.

Firstly, is this worth doing? and with the second lockdown on it’s way. Would your advice be to hold these off till December or is there value in still sending them out?

Many thanks


On the cookies, it depends a lot on how you set up the website and what info you are collecting - does it have google analytics? is there a facebook pixel? do they share info with anyone outside the business? where is their data stored? So you need all this before you can write those policies or even just alter existing ones… ICO has good guidance on what this should look like and what it should include.

On the email marketing: https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guidance-index/data-protection-and-privacy-and-electronic-communications/
But I always say done is better than perfect… Businesses may be furloughing staff, but would a business with staff use a VA? Chances are your target is more likely to be smaller businesses who are trying to figure out a way to continue to have income during these lockdown periods… They’ll still be at work.


Hello & welcome,

Just wanted to wish you good luck.


Hi Sarah,

I’d say do make contact. Plan in advance and in accordance to your niche. Also think of businesses that can continue to work during this time. A lot of businesses need support with change and how to work online. The work is out there. Good luck :):smiley:


Hi, I am from Raunds in Northamptonshire. Hope you are getting on well?


I have seen a complete shift in clients this year to COVID and I mainly working with business who had employees but have had to downsize due to Covid and now using VA’s to assist. I don’t have many one man clients left now. I sometimes feel bad that I have won work because of the crisis but have had to think this the way I am going to grow my business.


That happened during the last recession too - but if you look at it this way, if you’d been employed, they’d have made you redundant! Having a VA suits their business model as it is right now, whereas employees with fixed costs don’t. It’s about keeping their business alive so it can rehire people when work picks up.


Hi, Things are going well thanks, now focusing on reaching out to other companies :blush: … how about for you?


Great news. I got a database last week of all the companies in Northampton with less than 5 employees, with director names, emails and business details. It is huge. I don’t even know where to start with it. I might just focus on targeting hotel and lodging business as this is my background. Stupidly, I have not even listed hotels services on my website yet. A job for next week. I seem to be doing more websites at the moment more than anything, which is not what I wanted!! But hey.


Wow, that list certainly is going to keep you busy! fingers crossed you get some positive feedback from it :smile: …sounds like a good idea to start with what you know tho



I have not started on the list yet, if you want me to share with you, let me know.




Hi, all my Tier 4 comrades.

I hope you are not all working too hard on this New Year’s Eve? I hope you are all getting ready for a good night in? My boyfriend and I are both getting glammed up for a night in of crappy TV, a few drinks and some nibbles (lots of cheese) to see in the new year. We will make the best night of what we can. I am looking forward to a new years day with a clear head and no hanger over for the first time in about 15 years. :slight_smile:

I am really looking forward to what is going to be a fantastic new year for us all. If we think it, believe in it and work hard for it, it will happen.

Please can we share our social media channels and connect? I will add anyone that sends a request.

See you all in 2021. :heart:

Best regards & stay safe.



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Hi Lee

I am in the process of starting up and also live in Raunds!
Small world …:wink:

How long have you been a VA and is it going well for you?

Regards Mandy


Hey @aVAMandy

Hope you are keeping well. Congratulations on venturing into the VA World.

I have been a VA operating as Langham Virtual Assistant Ltd since September 2020, so 19 months.

How are you finding it? Are you on Facebook, I am in the process of setting up a Northamptonshire VA Group, I can add you?

Best Regards


Hi Lee

Yes, I am well thanks, although a bit stressed trying to get fully sorted, but I suspect that is normal.

I have just looked at your website, it’s one of the best i’ve ever seen - well done you! You have set a very high standard for me:)

I am hoping to Launch by this weekend latest, so give it a few weeks for me to find my feet then I would love to be added to the new group, great idea thank you.

There is still quite a bit to do on my timeline such as set up with FB, Linked In and Bark, can you recommend any more to register with?

I hope you don’t mind me keeping in touch, being local makes a difference, although, I can see that on here is a fantastic support network too!

Have a great weekend.

Regards Mandy


Hi Mandy,

Yes, starting off can be a stress, but, it will be worth it once you have your first client. Just keep going with it even through the bad days to come when you think you’ll never get a client. I think from my experience and what I have seen from others is that your first client should hopefully come from someone either you know or a friend of a friend. Hopefully.

I do not use BARK. I do use peopleperhour sometimes, this is where I got my first big client from.

Happy to keep in touch. Just let me know if you need anything.

Thanks for the feedback on my website, it is something I try to work on when I can, I know it is not perfect and some of the pages need updating.

Have a good weekend.