Hi From North Yorkshire


Hi Everyone

I’m Sharon from Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. I’m in the process of setting up my new va business and have my first client. The website is not yet finished.

Very excited about this next chapter in my life!



Hi Sharon. Well done for getting to this stage and for securing your first client. It is not quite 6 months since I set up my VA business. I am still excited and loving it, so I hope the excitement continues for your too. Cheers, Claire


Congratulations Sharon, exciting times ahead.

I found when I set up I kept trying to wait for the right time to do things, but actually it was never the right time and everything slowly clicked into place. Good luck with everything and well done on securing your first client.


Thank you! Do you have any great tips?


Thank you, I can totally identify with that. I’ve been thinking about this for a while but decided I really must take the plunge. So glad I did.


For me, consistency is the key. Keep telling people what you are doing, keep promoting your business, keep going! There are times when you’ll think you aren’t getting anywhere, but keep going through that and things will pick up.


Good luck Sharon.

I’m from South Yorkshire but I do know Boroughbridge. It’s a lovely town!

My tip is very similar to Claire’s in that the key is just to keep going and don’t let any disappointments get you down! If you keep at it you will get there. Have faith in yourself and your ability.




Welcome to the industry and how exciting to be pulling together your website - exciting times ahead for you. This blog about what pages to have on your website might help: https://www.vact.co.uk/what-pages-should-you-have-on-your-website/

Take care


Amanda thank you so much. That’s exactly what I need to read right now as I’m just writing the content and deciding on the pages.

Thank you!



Thank you Claire for such sound advice. Everyone has been so lovely and welcoming.


Thank you Liam! The welcome here has been lovely.


Hi Sharon, welcome to the VA world and congrats on having your first client already!

My advice is to try not to compare yourself to other people/businesses. There will always be people out there with more years experience, more clients, a bigger following, etc…but there is still a space in the community for you and your unique offerings. You do you, have true belief in yourself and clients will want to invest in that.

All the best!



Hi Sharon - welcome :slight_smile: super exciting times.


Hi Sharon

I’ll be following in your footsteps very soon. The VA world is super supportive and I’m sure you’ll make a great success of your business.

Darren Strudwick of www.VA-websites.co.uk is really helpful when it comes to website design and creation, may be worth considering.

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