Hi from Middlesbrough


Took the plunge 2 weeks ago as a Virtual Business Admin Support Assistant. I hope I’m not trying to cover too much but offering support with all business admin & social media marketing. So far I’m helping a local crafter with selling her products online & this week signed up a dog breeder. Looking forward to participating with this forum & sva. Jan Www.go2pa.co.uk


Welcome to the group! A lot of people, myself included tend to offer a range of more general services initially.


Sounds like a great start Jan! Being generalist is a good way to start because it let’s you see what you enjoy most.


Good luck! First clients are always tricky but as Caroline says it means you can work out what you enjoy… and what you’re happy to find a subcontractor or associate to do!


Good luck - I hope it all works out for you


Hi, I am a VA just down the road from you in Stockton. As you grow you will learn where your strengths are and what you enjoy doing the most but it is a great start. Best of luck